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Orthodox Salvation
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Hi brothers and sisters,
can someone give me a link to a good source that would clarify me on Orthodox understanding of Salvation.

 I don't believe in "Once Saved Always Saved" doctrine and that Eternal Salvation saves people from any sin even if you don't repent...I just don't think our lives are that easy and straight forward as Protestants would like us to believe..

Do Orthodox believe that a saved person can be "unsaved" at any point in life for committing sins, not repenting etc?

Also, do Orthodox believe that we will be exempt from being judged on the Judgement Day because we have a faith in Christ's sacrifice for us Or do Orthodox believe that we will be judged according to the deeds we have done in this earthly life?


God bless.
I believe in one God the Father and His Son the Messiah, the Savior of all people.

I was born Orthodox,but I am not sure what denomination I actually belong to.

I pray to God to guide me to the right path.