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Re: St. Seraphim of Sarov (Catholic view of post-schism Orthodox Saints)
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Does anyone know if there is a record of St. Seraphim converting Catholics to Eastern Orthodoxy or of this same saint speaking against Catholicism?

I am currently reading Saint Seraphim of Sarov: A Spiritual Biography by Archimandrite Lazarus Moore (New Sarov Press 1994).

Here is a quote from the book:

"[Saint Seraphim] urged us," we read in the Diveyev Chronicle "to stand firmly for the truth of the dogmas of the Orthodox Church, giving us as an example St. Mark of Ephesus who showed unshakeable zeal in defense of the Eastern [Orthodox] faith at the Council of Florence. He himself gave instructions on Orthodoxy, explaining its essence and stressing that it alone contained the truth of Christ's faith in its integrity and purity. He also gave instructions as to how to defend it." (page 239).

Then the author relates the story of a Protestant woman who dreamed of Saint Seraphim and Saint Francis of Assisi appearing to her in a garden.  Saint Francis points to Saint Seraphim and says to the woman, " My daughter. You seek the true Church. It is there where he is..."  The woman did not not recognize Saint Seraphim in the dream until she saw his icon in the home of a Russian workman. (page 239-241).

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