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I love this one:

--- Quote from: Veniamin on April 22, 2005, 05:07:16 PM ---I still don't think that what Christ had in mind when he told us to remove the plank from our own eye first was that we smack everyone else with it afterwards.

--- End quote ---

This one from ialmisry:

--- Quote from: ialmisry on December 24, 2008, 02:44:29 PM ---Christ said "I will found My Church," not "MY Churches."

Christ has a bride, not a harem.

--- End quote ---

This entire post remains one of my all time favorites:,8894.msg148800.html#msg148800

This entire post:,10458.msg142201.html#msg142201

Just managed to find another one I love thanks to a resurrected thread:,10789.msg146811.html#msg146811


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