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Orthodoxy On The Move in Tanzania


Orthodoxy On The Move in Tanzania

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL, October 24, 2002 (OCMC) -- In the past five years
God has richly blessed the diocese of Bukoba in Tanzania. There has
been an increase in the number of faithful from 20,000 to 35,000. This
growth is reflected in the increased number of Orthodox communities in
Tanzania from 57 to 94 and the number of priests, from 7 to 25, to
serve these communities. The ratio of priests to people, however, is
more than 1000 people per priest. The Orthodox faithful are spread out
over large distances and are often only accessible by foot or bicycle.

Despite the great shortage of clergy, many exciting things are
happening in the Bukoba diocese of Tanzania. Eight seminars for
priests, catechists, women, youth and students have been held to help
improve the intellectual, moral and spiritual life of the faithful.
The Kasikizi Catechetical School has 12 students studying Church
History, Liturgics, Biblical studies and Church Administration among
other subjects in the Swahili language. New communities are continuing
to grow and new churches are being constructed.

His Beatitude Petros, Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa recently
made his first visit to Bukoba, Tanzania and blessed the vibrant and
active Orthodox Church in Tanzania.


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