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Parade Magazine cover story on Archbishop Anastasios

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Really neat to see a secular magazine take interest in the work of Archbishop Anastasios.  Parade magazine is a supplement to many sunday newspapers around the country.

The actual article is not online, but you can view a slideshow about the archbishop's work, and read an appeal for help by him.  

You can also see a nice photo of His Eminence on the main page:

Here's the photo from the main index:

I agree Anastasios, I read it yesterday, nice to see the Church brought to light in a mainstream pub :)

Too bad it is not online.

Grrrr...I'm mad at myself for not starting this thread myself.  Great artcle and press though.

:)   I looked it up prior to the OP, but was frustrated that the article was not online, so I didn't post either ;)


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