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« on: June 23, 2008, 03:33:11 AM »
Greetings in Christ name, My Name is Father Alexander,I am not new here as I have been on here before. My old Church name was Father Paul and I was Give the New Name of Alexander after Alexander Nevsky. If you want to know where I come from as in Jurisdiction just ask, and I'll give you the wedsite. I am not here to fight or argue over who is or isn't Valid. The Jurisdiction I am in has both Eastern Rite an Western Rite. We have Churches here in the United States and Over sea. We are a growing Jurisdiction and growing every day.

I am looking forward to making new friends an not enemies. I wish you all well and God Bless

Father Alexander
Rev Father Alexander Nevsky

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Moved here to the Other Topics where it fits better.  -username! section moderator.