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St Augustine's words on Pentecost
« on: June 16, 2008, 08:00:53 PM »
"When the Holy Spirit came down from heaven and filled with His presence those who had believed in Christ, they began to speak in all the languages.  At that time, if one spoke in all the languages it was a sign that he had received the Spirit.  What did the Holy Spirit want to show by this miraculous feat? And why does He not do it now as well?  Obviously, He wanted to teach us something.  He wanted to teach us that the Gospel should be spread in all languages.  Well then, I dare to assert: today also the Church speaks in all languages and in all languages is proclaiming the Gospel…. So I would say: Greek is my language, Hebrew is my language, Syriac is my language.  There are all these different languages and one single faith which gather them all together, a bond of love that unifies them all."
-St Augustine, +430 AD

These words wring with such pristine clarity and resonance... especially in today's emerging global cultural awareness.
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