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If you are interested, please visit

We established this yahoo group for several purposes:

1) Some people do not like receiving site update emails from the forums to which  they belong while others like getting updated, so we decided to create this group so that email notification can be sent out when the site is updated.

2) We also will have special notices for important things like our Summer Fest Gettogether.

3) This will serve as a place for us to meet up if the site ever goes down for awhile due to any circumstances beyond our control.

4) All annoucement information will be crossposted at in the board news category of the forum as usual.

5) This will also allow people who use yahoo groups to find out about our site.

6) Please do not actually use the yahoogroup for discussion as we want to keep everything in one place here!

7) Once or twice a year for the REALLY important things we will continue to use the "email all members" function we have used before, but as we just said, we do not want to abuse that so we are giving people a choice.

Thanks for your support!

Sincerely in Christ,

Anastasios, Phil, David, and John
--the Management Team
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Re:New YahooGroup for Announcements and an Emergency Meetingplace
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Ya - hoo!

Great idea!
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