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Romania Orthodox Church denounces homosexuality

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Romania Orthodox Church denounces homosexuality

By Roxana Dascalu

BUCHAREST (Reuters) -- Romania’s Orthodox Church, which condemns homosexuality as a sin, said on Wednesday it would petition parliament against moves to decriminalise gay sex as legislators seek to align laws to European Union norms.

"Our Church does not say a sexual minority should be sent to jail," Archbishop Nifon said after a two-day meeting of senior Orthodox clerics, whose discussions included the issue of homosexuality. "But we must speak out loudly against sin."

Nifon said the gathering of the country’s Orthodox Church leaders, called "The Holy Synod," had decided to urge parliament not to remove the controversial "article 200," which incriminates homosexuality, from the penal code.

"Everybody should know that homosexuality is a sin against religious, and against family and social values, which are at the core of our Church," Archbishop Casian told the joint news conference with Nifon.

The Orthodox Church, which claims the allegiance of 87 percent of Romanians, insists that homosexuality, which has been illegal in Romania since 1968, runs counter to Christian values.

Glad to see this, though I'm sure many will misunderstand.

God bless the Romanian Church and her Archbishop!

And on the flipside...

NYC to open public high school for gays :(


--- Quote from: Paradosis on July 28, 2003, 04:49:22 PM ---And on the flipside...

NYC to open public high school for gays :(

--- End quote ---


I am wondering how they can do such things and get the taxpayers to foot the bill.


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