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travel and learn
« on: April 13, 2008, 08:46:39 AM »
If you are interested in seeing a little more of the world than just your home country, but don’t know how to pay for a far-away holiday, teaching english abroad is a really good alternative. You can enrol on so-called TEFL courses, which allow you gain a valid certificate with which you can teach English as a foreign language in almost anywhere in the world. One destination that is popular with many young people is Mexico. It’s vibrant culture and breath-taking scenery makes it a place you will never forget and always be coming back to. When taking a job as an English teacher in Mexico, you don’t only get the chance to contribute to the lives of the people there, but can also improve your own skills. Of course, living there you would quickly learn to speak Spanish and also get involved in every-day culture from your first day. Furthermore, by giving the people in Mexico the chance to learn English in their home country you spare them from having to pay a fortune for courses abroad (curso ingles). It is therefore an activity where you can take and give at the same time and in any case is a rewarding job to have.

Apart from gaining a qualification by doing a TEFL course you will also get to know many other people from all around the world, which means that on weekends you can explore the surrounding areas of the city where your course is taking place. If you are enrolled in an ITTO TEFL course located in Guadalajara, Mexico, you will benefit from excursions to the stunning beach in Puerto Vallarta. These trips are fully organized twice a year and shouldn’t be missed! It is the perfect way to combine studying and improving your CV with enjoying from the holiday feeling you will no doubt get whilst staying in Mexico.