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Ever heard of Hostage to the Devil: The Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans by Malachi Martin?  Very interesting book.

Yes sir, read that book.

The late Malachi Martin was a rather controversial character in the Roman Catholic world.

Many assert that he was a conspiracy theorist, others feel he did have some inside info in the workings of the Latin world. Reading the books he authored often times gave me the chills. He did seem to accurately indicate the fate that would befall the western church.

Nevertheless, I have read in several places that the accounts of possession that Malachi recalls in his book "Hostage to the Devil" are in fact true. It is a chilling book, and aside from its RC bias, it is a good read to show that the power of evil is in fact at work around us.

There are a number of RC based books written on the topic of exorcisms. Eastern positions aside, they are interesting to read, and I have no doubt many such occurances took place.


People are often surprised to learn that the Episcopal Church does exorcisms. One was done in our parish about ten years ago (of a house). There is a liturgical book called The Book of Occaisional Services which has such suplementary material as how to do Lessons and Carols, how to do a house blessing, how to bless church furnishings, how to bury the unbaptized, etc. There's a single page entitled "Concerning Exorcism" which in a nutshell says, "We do these. Consult your bishop."

Very interesting...I had no idea that Episcopalians have exorcism.  Thanks!

BTW, congrats on hitting 300 posts in the next few minutes or so. :)


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