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Author Topic: Relaxations applied to the traditional fast periods  (Read 1626 times) Average Rating: 0
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Thomas Daniel (Reji)
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Faith: Oriental Orthodox
Jurisdiction: Malankara Archdiocese of Syriac Orthodox Church
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Proud to say belongs to Syriac Orthodox Church

« on: June 22, 2003, 08:05:56 AM »

Syrian (Syriac) Orthodox Church officially observe
Apostles lent from 26 th June to 29 th June this year.

The change in the dates was along with relaxations applied to the traditional fast periods. I believe this originated with Patriarch Aphrem and was addressed
again by Patriarch Zakka in the 80s.

The changes to other lent periods were to Yaldo (from Christmas 1-25 to 15-25), Great Lent (from 40 days before Palm Sunday to first 10 and last 10 days), Shunoyo (from Aug 1-15 to 10-15), and Apostles lent from Jun 16-29 to 26-29).

Are any sorts of changes or relaxeation in the lent periods applied or given to other OO or EO churches?
Thomas Daniel (Reji)

Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God)Pray For Us
Aklie Semaet
Sr. Member
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Thank God for my fiancée!

« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2003, 07:43:52 PM »

As far as I am aware the only Oriental Orthodox Church that is making revisions to fasting, etc. is Syria. Many believe that this is a result of the Syrian Patriarchs former adherence to Catholicism.

Ethiopia ijochwan wede Egzabiher tezregalech
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Faith: Eastern Orthodox
Jurisdiction: Greek Old Calendarist
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Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Florina

« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2003, 10:15:02 PM »

I can understand relaxing the Apostle's fast or what not but Great Lent? Come on!  Like one can't go 50 days without eating meat!  Unless one has a health condition that requires one to eat a ton of protein, one could make it through Great Lent with no meat even eating cheap TV dinners! (assuming they are eating dairy via a dispensation from their spiritual father).

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Past posts reflect stages of my life before my baptism may not be accurate expositions of Orthodox teaching. Also, I served as an Orthodox priest from 2008-2013, before resigning.
Jr. Member
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« Reply #3 on: June 23, 2003, 01:30:41 AM »

Yeah it is pretty ridiculous.  Those who take the fasts seriously do it the old way, and those who the shortened fasting was made to suit don't even fast...

I think it is a bad move.

Eno-no sayfo d-Aloho
High Elder
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Faith: Oriental Orthodox
Jurisdiction: Coptic
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« Reply #4 on: June 23, 2003, 09:14:09 AM »

If for some reason you can't keep all the fasts you just get permission from your Father of Confession, so what's the point in lowering the ideal?
Orthodox Christian
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O most Holy Theotokos, save us.

« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2003, 04:00:35 PM »

The Melkites Greek Catholics are quite prominent in Syria, and there are a lot of Orthodox-Melkite marriages. They have the same fasting reductions.  This is due to Latinizations. I know a lot of good Melkite Priests who will not allow this reduction in the fast, and call it what it is: Latinizations. It is tearing the Melkite Church apart.

Let this be a warning. If we succumb to the Latins request to be in union with them. We will be latinized also. Let us pray that the Catholics begin to realize the value of the fast and adopt our ways.

Interestingly, the Catholics are very interested in Iconography lately and many of their churches are graced with beautiful Icons of the Theotokos.

Prayers for peace in Jerusalem


Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory to Him forever!
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