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Councils Ecumenical and Otherwise
« on: January 15, 2008, 10:07:02 AM »
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Look, you might think it's all well and good to say that sometimes we can include it, and sometimes we don't have to, but that misses the mindset of the entire Eastern Church, as well as that of the Ecumenical Councils which collected and affirmed the Creed - the only things to be added are those which are necessary to the faith that can not be omitted; this is why the Synods directed that the Creed not be changed after the Second Ecumenical Council.

Do you think that if it isn't explicit in the Creed that one need not believe it?

Where did the Fathers of the Second Ecumenical Council say - Absolutely no one may alter this Creed (Nicene-Constantinopolitian Creed) nor does anyone have such authority, never ever in a billion years for whatever reason. ?

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