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Covenant - More Evensong, Please
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Two cultural realities inform the way many clergy and lay leaders are thinking about church these days. First, it is fairly clear that there has been a decrease in younger people attending church. The Pew Research Center published a report recently detailing the median ages for many Christian denominations in the United States (and for other religions as well); the median age for Episcopalians is 56. Such a decrease has come at a time when millennials have officially surpassed baby boomers as the largest living generation.

But is this transition visible in the turnover of leadership in our parishes? While many factors contribute to the decline of younger worshipers, it is symptomatic of a larger failure of the Church to root parishioners in a life of discipleship and a life of mission, which are ultimately funded and fueled by a robust life of worship and prayer — an encounter with the Triune God.

Second, and quite amazingly, millennials have shown greater interest in traditional forms of worship...
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