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Re: Better know a Protestant
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[Pasadi's] message is Orthodox
For once we agree!
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Re: Better know a Protestant
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Why would you think we are "not aware" of the materialist explaining-away of the passage? No, you seem to want us to admit it's subjectively valid, or it's arguable, or something like that. Pasadi's argument is straightforward: To partake of the Divine Gifts in faith is to accept Christ. The Protestant denial of this and replacement of it with novel "get saved" doctrines is an impostor and does not helppeople truly to accept Christ. His method may be unsympathetic or controversial, but his message is Orthodox.

Sorry,  I thought this sub-forum was for charitable discussion.  I was merely trying to encourage a charitable consideration of Protestant understandings rather than jump to "your damned" doctrine that Psadai was promoting.