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I was wondering where I might be able to find online copies of OO prayer books, ie the prayers of the canonical hours. Those used by the Syrians, Armenians, Ethiopians, Indians and Assyrians. Here's a link to the Coptic prayer book of the hours:

Would also like to know this please.

Syriac Hours

Mor Ephrem:
It should be noted that the above "Syriac Hours" is one abbreviated version of the daily prayers for use by laypeople who haven't the time for the full office.  The latter is not available online (to the best of my knowledge) because of its length. 

I'm not aware of anything on line with the canonical hours for the Armenian Church.  The only thing in English I am aware of is the Book of Hours listed here, that has Matins, Prime and Vespers (toward the bottom of the page:)


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