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December 2012 POM!
« on: January 10, 2013, 01:41:00 PM »
It has been decided that the award for the last POM of 2012 is going to simplygermain!

This question was brought before our Serbian Bishop when we attended that parish, one Sunday as he sat across from the priest at a "meet the bishop" sort of gathering at trapeza. It was the elephant in the room and many wanted to know because the priest was so rigid that he would often turn people away. The bishop looked directly at the priest while the parishioner asked, and the bishop answered with, " No. The sacraments are two different sacraments. Confession becomes disconnected from the heart if it is done as a weekly requirement. Confess regularly and as your soul requires, and do it well. God forgives."

That ended that. Many people were so relieved, it was as if a load had been lifted off our backs.

The priest asked forgiveness as usual the next DL and you could see tears of repentance in his eyes. He knew he had been too hard.

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Re: December 2012 POM!
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Re: December 2012 POM!
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Re: December 2012 POM!
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Re: December 2012 POM!
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