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Author Topic: Catholic Dioceses Use Sex-Ed by COYOTE: Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics  (Read 1558 times) Average Rating: 0
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« on: May 27, 2003, 11:41:08 PM »

Catholic Dioceses to Use Explicit Curriculum
By Steve Jordahl, correspondent
May 27, 2003 (Family.org)

Several Catholic dioceses across America are planning to teach a sex-ed    program designed by a group that used to advocate prostitution.

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese in Boston is among the first to implement a    sexually explicit curriculum designed to safeguard children from abuse. The    problem is the curriculum — "Talking About Touching" — was    written by the Committee for Children, a group that used to be called COYOTE,    which stands for "Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics." COYOTE was founded    by Margo St. James in 1973 to work for the repeal of prostitution laws.

The program takes very young children through abuse scenarios using anatomical names for body parts. Carol McKinley, a parent in the Boston archdiocese, is appalled.

"The ideas that we're giving 4- and 5-year-olds are that you have sexuality    and this sexuality is a magnet to perverts," McKinley said. "This    is kindergarten!"

The material has McKinley wondering why it's being used by some laypersons    who teach Sunday School or catechism class in the Catholic Church — required    classes for Catholic children.

"There's nothing in the entire program that speaks about what is right,    what is wrong, what is virtue, what is sin, what is Roman Catholic and what    is not."

McKinley and other objecting parents don't appear to have much of a choice.    She said the Church is putting pressure on her to enroll her kids.

"If you're not going to submit yourself to this program, your children    may not be eligible for the Eucharist (Holy Communion), the sacraments of confession    or marriage, or anything else," McKinley said.

The Rev. Bob Carr, a Boston priest, said while pressure is being exerted on    parents in some parishes, he will refuse, if ordered, to teach this curriculum    in his parish.

"This has been approved by Planned Parenthood, it's been approved by SIECUS    because they both use it," Carr said. " 'By their fruits you will    know them.' "

By the way, SIECUS is the Sex Information and Education Council of the U.S.    — an organization that promotes abortion and liberal sex education.

As for the history behind the Committee for Children, spokeswoman Lois Matheson    would rather not talk about that.

"I think that really distracts from the real issue here," Matheson    said. "I don't know how that's relevant."

There are a lot of parents in Boston who could probably provide an answer.

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« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2003, 06:17:07 AM »

Historically the Church has been libertarian about prostitution - teaching it is wrong but not demanding the government outlaw it - but I agree this agenda is dead wrong and mind-boggling coming from putative 'Catholics'.

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« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2003, 11:56:42 AM »

<<"If you're not going to submit yourself to this program, your children may not be eligible for the Eucharist (Holy Communion), the sacraments of confession or marriage, or anything else," McKinley said. >>

Lord, Have Mercy!
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