Author Topic: The Newest Church of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is Completed  (Read 2464 times)

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The Newest Church of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia is Completed

The Building of a New Church in Rochester, NY, is completed and Divine Services Begin.


New Church in Rochester Completed

By the mercy of God, the building of the new Protection Church in Rochester, New York, the newest church in the Russian diaspora, is completed.

On Saturday, 5 October, the final Divine Liturgy was performed in the hold, house church, in which the faithful of Rochester had prayed for almost 50 years. After Liturgy, the Rector of Protection Church, Protopriest Gregory Naumenko, called upon the parishionersùas was done in San Francisco in 1930 when moving from the ôOld Cathedralö to the new oneùto take the icons and take them to their automobiles while singing prayers. The parishioners, with tears in their eyes, took the icons and brought them to their cars, then drove them to the entrance to the new church site. When everyone arrived, the clergy and parishioners, with a procession of the cross, singing prayers, headed for the church with the icons.
On Monday, 6 October, the clergy of Protection Church transferred the iconostasis, altar table, the table of oblation and the church items from the old church to the new one. On Saturday, 12 October, a minor blessing of the waters was held, and the new church was sprinkled with holy water, both inside and out; on Sunday, 13 October, the first Divine Liturgy was served in the new Protection Church. Fr. Gregory was joined by Priests Peter Jackson and Joakim Provatakis and the parish deacons: Fr. Andrei Strapko and Fr. Nikolai Chernjavsky.

On Saturday, 19 October, His Eminence Metropolitan Laurus arrived in Rochester with Reader Nicholas Olhovsky, officiating at vigil and Divine Liturgy. At Liturgy, Vladyka Laurus awarded the parish deacon, Fr. Andrei, with the double orarian for his zealous and pious service. The First Hierarch was accompanied by the Rector, by Priest Paul Bassett (Cincinnatti, OH), a former member of Protection parish, Priest Victor Boldewskul (Cleveland, OH), and Priest Vladimir Petrenko (Sao Paolo, Brazil). The deacons were headed by Protodeacon Joseph Jaroschuk.

Following liturgy, Vladyka Metropolitan conducted a moleben to the Mother of God with prayers of gratitude, after which the clergy and multitude of worshipers descended to the new parish hall for a trapeza feast.

Thank the Lord for all!