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Re: Links for Byzantine Music
« Reply #540 on: May 09, 2020, 12:30:57 AM »
The Arad eparchy  has had a rather long and well individualized liturgical tradition,  even though under assault today. However the local chant and usages are still alive  even though  we cannot be sure they’d survive after the current archbishop dies, since we have seen in neighboring éparchies, a fired replacement of the local chant by the so-called psaltic chant when a bishop with no ties to the respective diocese arrived.
It’s a chant that’s obviously not standard Byzantine, it’s also different from what they use in the formerly Greek Catholic parts of Transylvania, being more varied and, I believe, retaining more Byzantine features, even though folklorized . It’s probably closest to what they use in the former Karlovac jurisdiction
Wow, cool. I've read some stuff on local Romanian chants (like from Cluj, Banat and Suceava), but they were all very superficial and apparently they didn't even scratch the surface.
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Re: Links for Byzantine Music
« Reply #541 on: May 21, 2020, 07:12:48 AM »
Paschal Night in Abkhazia. Byzantine chants in Russian (not Church Slavonic) and Abkhazian