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Re: Finding a Patron Saint
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Thank you. St.Thomas the Apostle proved to all who have not seen that Lord and God is amoung us. Also, Thomas proved to all that our beloved Mary, Theotokos, was raised from her tomb, the tomb was empty.

By being late to Marys' funeral, St. Thomas met Mary in the sky on her way to Heaven Mary handed Thomas her cincture ,which may be at Mount Athos or somewhere nearby-I'm told.

So God used Thomas in two very important events in early christian history. Proof of Christs' Resurrection & Theotokos Bodily Assumption into heaven. I would think that these are two most important events that this follower of Christ took part in. Of course, St Thomas did great works in India also, such as the story of King Gundafor of India of which Thomas was sold into the Kings' service.

As it goes, King Gundafor sent his agent Abban to locate and hire a highly skilled architect. Abban came upon Jesus who sold St. Thomas to Abban, for three pounds of silver.The bill of sale saying "I Jesus, son of Joseph the carpenter, do sell My slave Thomas to Abban."

So you see, St. Thomas is very special to me. And I thought that I would ask if anyone  would share any other stories of St. Thomas. 

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Re: Finding a Patron Saint
« Reply #46 on: July 05, 2007, 10:01:43 PM »
Great stories! Very inspirational.

By the way, welcome, new members! Very glad to have you here!