Given the recent questions posed about the relevance of the ecumenical Patriarch following the various unpleasant incidents preceding the Ecumenical Council, the psuedo-Papism advocated by the Metropolitan of Bursa, and the fact that aside from ACROD, the

Retain the status quo
4 (20%)
Relocate the Patriarchate to Mount Athos
0 (0%)
Relocate the Patriarchate to Thessalonika, Patmos or another Greek area under its jurisdiction
2 (10%)
Relocate the Patriarchate to the Diaspora (New York, London or another city with substantial multi-ethnic EP representation)
2 (10%)
Merge the Patriarchate with the Church of Greece
9 (45%)
Revoke the autocephaly of the Patriarchate and transfer Canon 28 functions and custody of the Patriarchal jurisdictions to Alexandria
1 (5%)
Revoke the autocephaly of the Patriarchate and transfer Canon 28 functions to Moscow or another jurisdiction
2 (10%)
Other option (Please specify)
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 20

Author Topic: What should the Eastern Orthodox do with the Church of Constantinople?  (Read 405 times)

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You are over reaching what I was speaking of.

Since what you were "speaking of" was a counter-argument of my argument, then it is not "over reaching" to point out that you failed actually to address my argument.

Dude. Not going to debate how to debate just because you have a need for constant argument

My point about the island thing was just one point. Get over it
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