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The Topic of Homosexuality on This Forum
« on: June 30, 2007, 12:51:15 PM »

The topic of homosexuality has been discussed at length on OCnet in many threads. Below is a list of many of those threads directly dealing with the topic. Not only do we have many threads on the topic of homosexuality, we even have a thread which deals with the topic of the topic of homosexuality on Orthodox Forums!
Therefore, in the interests of moving the discussion forward rather than letting it go in circles with new threads being started which cover the same topic which older threads have already discussed, please find below for your convenience a list of links to those threads which discuss the issue of homosexuality.
Before posting on the subject, you are asked to please read through them. If you read these threads, you will also note that we have some posters on this forum who are homosexually oriented and have converted to Orthodoxy.
You will find the discussion which has led to this post being made here:,9360.0.html, and you will find a similar post to this one from a Global Moderator here:,11954.msg162266.html#msg162266
You are asked to please take all this into consideration before posting on the subject of homosexuality on this forum.,7154.0.html,10774.0.html,5260.0.html,11688.0.html,5459.0.html,11890.0.html,11897.0.html,3825.0.html,6577.0.html,48.0.html,8458.0.html,8122.0.html,8068.0.html,9156.0.html,9360.0.html,9330.0.html,9297.0.html,7531.0.html,11954.0.html,5780.0.html,5780.0.html,11322.0.html,9135.0.html
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Re: The Topic of Homosexuality on This Forum
« Reply #1 on: December 11, 2008, 05:05:12 PM »

FYI: There is a current (as of Sep 1, 2010 {Revised Julian}) moratorium on discussion of this topic (homosexuality).

Please see the following thread for details, and to see when/if the moratorium will be lifted:,25372.0.html
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