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Dear all,

I thought I'd start a thread for compiling patristic quotes/sayings--similar to that which exists in the Faith section, except peculiar to the Oriental Orthodox Fathers.

Pope Kyrillos VI (20th century):

"He who is quick to condemn others demonstrates that he has never truly stood in the presence of the Living God."

St. Jacob of Serug (+451-521):

"Come to prayer, and bring with thee thy whole self. Let not thy mind remain in the market about thy business. If thou art here, let also thine inner man be here within the doors of the crowned bride. Why is thy thought gone forth and distracted after affairs, so that when thou art here thou art not here, but there? Without amid the markets thy mind is wandering, (taken up) with reckonings and profits; fetch it, that it may come in and ask for its Life. Stand not with one half of thee within and one half without, lest when thou art divided thy prayer lose itself betwixt the two parts. Stand at prayer a united and complete and true man, and all whatsoever thou askest thou canst obtain from God. Why art thou impatient to be off when He has not given to thee? Stay long and knock at the Physician, and beseech Him, and bring the tears of repentance and besprinkle His doorstep; entreat much; and if for love He give not to thee, yet to importunity He will not be able to deny all her requests. Be insistent at the Physician's door, and give not over; for if thou be backward He will not bind thee up. Why standest thou still? Importunity knows how to obtain mercy of Him; and unless He give to her she will not suffer Him to depart."

- A Homily on the Reception of the Holy Mysteries

St. Evagrius Ponticus:

There are eight general and basic categories of thoughts in which are included every thought.  First is that of gluttony, then impurity, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia, vainglory, and last of all, pride.  It is not in our power to determine whether we are disturbed by these thoughts, but it is up to us to decide if they are to linger within us or not and whether or not they are to stir up our passions.

The Praktikos, chapter 6

Fr. Pishoy Kamel (+1931-1979):

Liberty is not the mere freedom of choice or license, but the freedom to act with great love--the love of Christ. There is no freedom outside of the sphere of the Cross, which is the summit of Love.

Fr. Guirgus Samy, Pishoy Kamel, the Stavrophoros (Maryut, Alexandria: St. Mena's Monastery Press, 2004)

St. Gregory of Nareg (10th century):

Just as without the Father, there is no Christ,
so without the womb of the mother Church, the soul cannot be fulfilled.

Book of Laments, prayer 75


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