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20th Century African Orthodox churches
« on: June 05, 2007, 12:36:33 AM »
I have been doing a lot of reading about African Orthodox Churches that have sprung up in the last century, such as in Uganda, Kenya and Ghana.  In these cases, the establishment of Orthodox churches goes hand-in-hand with the anti-colonialist political movements of the same time period, and movements to preserve local culture and language.  They sought canonicity and entered into communion with the Eastern Orthodox through the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria.  I'm curious why these churches did not seek ties with the Coptic Patriarchate of Alexandria, or the Ethiopian Orthodox Church?  Is it for political reasons?  I know that the Coptic church did receive the South African Orthodox Church that formed as part of the same movement.

Also (and this is really a separate topic) does anyone know about other existing parishes of the African Orthodox church in america (non-canonical) besides St John Coltrane in San Francisco?  Also, does anyone know the feast date for St John Coltrane?

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