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Author Topic: The Orthodox Church  (Read 1066 times) Average Rating: 0
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Praying for the Christians in Iraq

« on: December 10, 2006, 04:17:10 AM »

Hey everyone, I am reading "The Orthodox Church" By Timothy Ware. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised and extremely impressed. I find his approach to history rather balanced and I must say he is not really anti-non-orthodox Christian. Rather, he just explains the Eastern Orthodox faith. How do you all feel about this book?

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« Reply #1 on: December 10, 2006, 05:12:49 AM »

It's good.  What's not so good is that no one else has written a general history of the Orthodox Church from an Orthodox perspective, or if there are any they're too academic to be read by a general audience.  The Church needs more historians is my take.

BTW, that book was part of my catechism.

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My plans for retirement.

« Reply #2 on: December 10, 2006, 06:32:53 AM »

I would agree with authiodionitist. It's a good introductory book for inquirers, but it is not a history- and nor does it set out to be.

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Hail Mary Full of Grace

« Reply #3 on: December 10, 2006, 07:03:47 AM »

I remember reading an early edition of it some decades ago. It introduced me to the Jesus Prayer and thus indirectly to my name here. It was quite good I recall, if you then read his "Orthodox Way" you will have had a good popular introduction to Orthodox history, tradition and  belief.


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« Reply #4 on: December 10, 2006, 04:59:08 PM »

This book was quite helpful to me on my journey as it laid out the basics of the history of the Church and her theology.  However, one should know that there are some drastic changes between the original (1963?) edition and the new one.  Some of those changes have inspired some invective from more traditionalist parts of Orthodoxy.  Some traditionalists, while acknowledging that this book has been of superb help to those on their paths to becoming Orthodox still balk at much of it.  If you wish to read a review of this book by Hieromonk Patapios, I have included the URL below.  Please note that this review is not entirely in sycnh with my appraisal of Bishop Kallistos' book, but there are many in the Orthodox world who feel this way.  Read at your own risk and decide for yourself.



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« Reply #5 on: December 11, 2006, 12:55:10 AM »

I am a great admirer of that book. I know a number of people, for whom it was a major part of cathechism. I would highly recommend it. Later, I had a priveledge to belong to Bishop Kallistos's parish, when I was living in UK and I really enjoyed my conversations with the Bishop. He is very warm, humble and friendly.
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