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Patriarchal Vicar for the Syrian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom

On Sunday, December 3, 2006, His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas, Patriarch of Antioch, the Supreme Head of our Universal Syrian Orthodox Church, celebrated the Holy Qurbono at the St. Peter's & St. Paul's Patriarchal Cathedral of the St. Aphrem the Syrian Monastery at Ma'arrat Seydnaya, Damascus, Syria, and during the Holy Qurbono, His Holiness consecrated the Very Rev. Raban Toma Dawod Dakama a Metropolitan with the name, "Athanasius". His Eminence has been appointed as the 'Patriarchal Vicar for the Syrian Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom' and will be based in London.

Their Eminences Mor Severius Jamil Hawa of Bagdad, Mor Gregorius Shemoun Saleeba of Mosul, Mor Theophilose George Saleeba of Mount Lebanon, Mor Eustathius Matta Roham of Jazirah & Euphrates, Mor Severius Malke Mourad of Jordan & Jerusalem, Mor Selwanos Pathros Nehmeh of Homs & Hama, Mor Athanasios Geevargis the Patriarchal Vicar for Indian Affairs, Mor Athanasius Elia Bahi the Patriarchal Assistant and Mor Themotheos Mousa Al Shamani of Mor Matta Monastery, Iraq, attended and assisted His Holiness at this blessed consecration ceremony.

It was also attended by a large gathering of Rabans (Monks), Priests, Deacons, Nuns, the Syrian Orthodox Faithful and other Distinguished Guests from Syria, the United Kingdom, Iraq, Lebanon and Europe. Glory to God for granting our Holy Church another Metropolitan to organise our Church in the United Kingdom on more
firmer foundations!

Metropolitan Athanasios Geevargis
Patriarchal Vicar for Indian Affairs,
Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate,
Bab Touma, P. O. Box 22260
Damascus, Syria

Ordination photos are uploaded at URL:
Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God)Pray For Us