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Re: Sources for Oriental Orthodox Studies
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I haven't read this book, but I heard it's chock full of pastoral wisdom and spirituality.  The late bishop HG Bishop Youannis of Gharbia wrote "Paradise of the Spirit" that I've been told by many Copts of old times was an excellent piece of writing, now translated in English:


Thank you, Mina!
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Re: Sources for Oriental Orthodox Studies
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The Oriental Orthodox Library has works from various Oriental Orthodox Church Fathers:

It also has Fr. V.C.Samuel's The Council of Chalcedon Re-Examined, which is an excellent resource for understanding the Council of Chalcedon, and the various Christological issues involved, from an Oriental Orthodox point of view.

Another excellent book about the Christology of the Oriental Orthodox is Fr. Peter's new book, Orthodox Christology:

There is now a second edition of Fr. Peter's Orthodox Christology, with additional articles in it:,60101.msg1168911.html#msg1168911

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Re: Sources for Oriental Orthodox Studies
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Fr Athanasius Iskander serves in Canada. His website has lots of good material in English.
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