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Guest 07:47:03 AM Viewing the topic What are your favorite English Bible Translations?.
Guest 07:47:13 AM Viewing the topic Are Melkites as liberal as AOCA?.
Guest 07:47:21 AM Viewing the topic A Plagiarist Who Has No Shame.
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Guest 07:47:58 AM Viewing the topic Coptic dating Q.
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Guest 07:48:10 AM Viewing the topic Why do some people swear so much?.
Guest 07:48:11 AM Viewing the topic Muhammad Atta vs. Malcolm X: Who is the true exemplar of Islam?.
Guest 07:48:11 AM Nothing, or nothing you can see...
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Guest 07:48:22 AM Viewing the topic Urgent Prayers needed for Lebanon. Under attack now by ISIS..
Guest 07:48:31 AM Unknown Action
Guest 07:48:32 AM Viewing the topic Boy Scouts Magazine: EO Church founded 33 A.D..
Guest 07:48:35 AM Viewing the topic KOSOVO - Albanian child healed at Decani Monastery.
Guest 07:48:43 AM Viewing the topic E-mailed the Russian Orthodox father a few days ago and....
Guest 07:48:46 AM Viewing the topic Beautiful Serbian Christmas song and an Arabic Byzantine Chant from YouTube.
Guest 07:48:58 AM Viewing the topic Orthodox Believers Stand Up For Jailed Anti-Putin Punk Rockers / Members Of Female Punk Band PUSSY RIOT On Trial For Church Protest / Aleksandr Dugin on "Pussy Riots" global blackmail .
Guest 07:48:59 AM Viewing the topic Dowsing and divning rods, what does the Church say?.
Guest 07:49:00 AM Unknown Action
Guest 07:49:01 AM Viewing the topic forbidden from communion.
Guest 07:49:01 AM Viewing the topic Pray & Act together for the safe release of the detained Orthodox Prelates .
Guest 07:49:02 AM Viewing the topic Hitler's hate towards the Jews.
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Guest 07:49:25 AM Viewing the board index of OrthodoxChristianity.net.
Guest 07:49:33 AM Viewing the topic Confession During the Catechumenate.
Guest 07:49:42 AM Viewing the topic Cure for HIV?.
Guest 07:49:43 AM Viewing the topic Cannot read thread/post? Click member's username and read posts in profile..
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