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Guest 12:44:00 AM Viewing the topic What's on your desktop?.
Guest 12:44:01 AM Viewing the topic What's Your Favourite Christmas Carol?.
Guest 12:44:03 AM Viewing the topic Roman Catholic view of Scripture.
Guest 12:44:06 AM Viewing the topic Abortion from the babies point of view ! WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT.
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Guest 12:44:20 AM Viewing the topic How to Deal with Lost Opportunites?.
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Guest 12:44:22 AM Viewing the topic Bishops’ Synod of the Armenian Apostolic Church Commences at Etchmiadzin.
Guest 12:44:22 AM Viewing the topic St. Pontius Pilate Day?.
Guest 12:44:26 AM Registering for an account on the forum.
12:44:36 AM Viewing the topic A Call for the Rejuvenation of the Ministry of the Ordained Deaconess from SCV .
Guest 12:44:40 AM Viewing the topic Priest blessings/Epitrachelion.
Guest 12:44:41 AM Viewing the topic The 10 Commandments.
Justin Kissel
12:44:41 AM Viewing the topic EP address to US Episcopal Assembly: From words to action.
Guest 12:44:42 AM Unknown Action
Guest 12:44:42 AM Viewing the topic Dear Cadence: OC.net's Advice Column.
Guest 12:44:44 AM Viewing the topic Why did God create so many galaxies, stars, and such?.
Guest 12:44:48 AM Viewing the topic If God's energies are God, are they personal just as his essence is?.
Guest 12:44:54 AM Viewing the topic The Disappearing Orthodox.
Guest 12:44:58 AM Viewing the board Christian News.
Guest 12:45:10 AM Viewing the topic Monastery Restoration stopped - Irrates Albanians!.
Guest 12:45:15 AM Viewing the board index of OrthodoxChristianity.net.
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Guest 12:45:29 AM Viewing the topic Taking Intro to the Bible, have to read "Misquoting Jesus"... suggestions?.
Guest 12:45:31 AM Viewing the topic New American Bible re-translation.
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