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10:43:59 AM Viewing the topic Thoughts on Contemporary Christian Music.
Guest 10:44:09 AM Viewing the topic Hadrian Mar Élijah Bar Israël.
Guest 10:44:17 AM Viewing the topic Ephesians 5 - Husbands, Wives, and the church.
Guest 10:44:25 AM Viewing the topic How Atheists, Agnostics, non believers...etc deal with bad days ?.
Guest 10:44:33 AM Viewing the topic Orthodox Philosophers.
Guest 10:44:35 AM Unknown Action
Guest 10:44:41 AM Viewing the topic Catholic man who attacked gay flatmate with hammer found guilty of attempted.....
Guest 10:44:44 AM Viewing the topic MOVED: Life after Death by Prof Alexei Osipov of Moscow.
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Guest 10:44:49 AM Viewing the topic The Anaphora of Mar Addai and Mari.
Guest 10:44:55 AM Viewing the board index of OrthodoxChristianity.net.
Guest 10:44:57 AM Viewing the topic Prayers for my parents.
Guest 10:44:58 AM Viewing the topic Pre-Sanctified Liturgy (and other Lenten traditions) in other Orthodox Churches.
Guest 10:45:04 AM Viewing the topic Ban the person above.
Guest 10:45:07 AM Unknown Action
Guest 10:45:13 AM Viewing the topic What does everyone look like?.
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Guest 10:45:23 AM Viewing the topic Heaven and the Afterlife.
10:45:24 AM Viewing the board index of OrthodoxChristianity.net.
Mor Ephrem
10:45:25 AM Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 10:45:27 AM Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 10:45:33 AM Viewing the topic Romanian Chant - Anyone know what this is?.
Guest 10:45:47 AM Viewing the topic Getting close - but so difficult ... .
Guest 10:45:47 AM Unknown Action
Guest 10:45:59 AM Viewing the topic Christianity in America - What is your criticism of it and why? .
Guest 10:46:10 AM Viewing the topic Defining "Pelagianism" and "Semi-Pelagianism".
Guest 10:46:13 AM Nothing, or nothing you can see...
Guest 10:46:19 AM Viewing the topic the land of litigation - can you believe this?.
Guest 10:46:21 AM Viewing the topic Prayer Rule vs Spontaneous Prayer.
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