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Results for marriage
Subject Started by Replies Views
Mix-Marriage OrdinationOrthodox1161434
Pre-marital cohabitation josh14815008
Marrying A CoptGreg26398012
Why can't a priest marry after ordination?TruthSeeker212680
Greek Orthodox Christian getting married in Roman Catholic ChurchTheodoros164834
Non-abortive contraception in marriage?Heorhij223149
No website anywhere for serious Orthodox dating and coupling? Cuban152496
On choosing a wifesinjinsmythe127275
Abstinence from sexual relationsHypo-Ortho81855
Divorce & RemarriageJenny628254
Question on ContraceptionByzantino526830
Is NFP etc allowed?erracht676928
Must she convert to marry me?ProdigalSon91793
Fasting from Sexual Relations and Eating Animal Productsanastasios324251
Can the wife of a priest remarry?Jennifer182454
Marriage and Pre-destinationEkhristosAnesti4907
Marriage on feast daysSakranMM91319
Civilly divorced and remarried?bergschlawiner71187
Marriage in the Orthodox Churchadmiralnick244784
Divorce/Contraception Orthodox Stylerosborn14223780
how often is sex in marriage absolutely forbidden?erracht404523
Renewal of Wedding VowsPsalti Boy82975
Age, Engagement, and the Orthodoxyminasoliman314204
"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household."serb1389101686
writing about Marriagesmalltowngl3775
On Russian Mail Order BridesStGeorge182540
Conversion Within MarriageEkhristosAnesti201927
State of Marriage in HeavenBizzlebin182035
Is oral sex biblically wrong within Orthodoxian faith?infinity2414682
MarriageDemetrios G.424021
Marriage, A Historyamnesiac9991660
Virginity and marriagematthew1979454299
Is it possible to lust in marriage?BrotherAidan374788
Please Educate me on Coptic Engagement!Addai01689
Marriage Between Two Sects in the Orthodox ChurchDespina41053
Orthodoxy and sex!Serge133789
The RCC finally does something right!TomS203173
Childfree Orthodox Christiansaccrah327821672
wedding ringDemetrios G.315817
Orthodox wedding videoauthiodionitist42253
Question about pre-marriage moralitySeamus ODonnell615728
OK to put icons in bedroom?brittrossiter5511121
Orthodoxy on sexuality...Patriarch Noah I6510981
Fasting from marital relationsMickey13314155
Obstacle #1: What God has joined together...The Iambic Pen16315397
Second MarriagesRosehip212272
The view of marriage in different Christian churchesThe Iambic Pen911924
Challenges in Orthodox Christian MarriagesFriul11268
Contraception: an observer's viewTamara27031090
orthodox marriageAleksandra485823
Orthodox / Catholic weddingDerekMK195786
Marriage RingsLakaYaRabb1578
Wedding planningVeniamin41169
Book recommendationsscamandrius41566
It's Official: To Be Married Means to Be Outnumbered JoeS11021
Arranged teen dating by parentssmiragdus484681
If Peter Married Why Can't BishopsIrenaeus07131958
GOC Engagement TraditionsDespina124113
Conditions for married priestsbrother0sparrow41030
GOA looks at Interchruch/Interfaith marriagesOrthodoc304239
EO position on mixed marriagesStavro71325
Right Time to find a spousekurielaison525114
Dating, Engagement and Marriagejosh141799
Church of England male clerics "marry" in CoE "wedding"lubeltri508556
Man leaves priesthood to get marriedzebu689605
Question about Armenian OrthodoxyJennifer61764
OCA weddingschrissy9120132508
Women Married and Divorced 11 timesSolEX0151145
proper understanding of the term "helpmeet"calligraphqueen72033
How does a Non-Greek Guy Talk to a Greek Lady???SoulBrother293915
Marriage and the EucharistAklie Semaet2904
Layperson- Marriage or celibatekatherine2001364418
Marriage, Family, and FriendsJibrail Almuhajir205113
Does an Orthodox have to marry an Orthodox???Irenaeus07545892
Marriage questioncristoforos92550
Why don't Bishops marry?thetruth111550
Marriage after Childbearing YearsRosehip181810
communion questionjlerms222356
Marriage between in-lawsapostolis122645
Pre-Marital CounselingJibrail Almuhajir131989
The Sacrament of Marriageironsiderodger5781
baptize only on easter?pathofsolitude152177
Did Moses disobey God on this?Myrrh2331197
Reasons for DivorceIrish Hermit213679
Uncrowning CeremonySlave of Christ81736
do spouses go to Heaven or hell together?erracht173248
Finding an Orthodox spousemctaviix908457
Pope: Condoms 'Increase' AIDS Epidemic in AfricaSlave of Christ14410162
Marriage and Sexual Morality in the Orthodox TraditionCudgel15313535
Living Together and Not Being Married...?serb138918010312
Contemporary Courtship & Patristic ThoughtCudgel171179
Betrothed CouplesRosehip182086
Marriage and venereal diseaseGabriel191680
My Opinion Article on Sexual AbstinenceMatthew777282321
Marriage in the Orthodox ChurchLiz324776
fornication past and presenterracht275132
Did the Church sanction gay marriage? Matthew77721022784
Wedding Bands, right hand or left hand as Orthodox Christians?username!8810783
Lutheran Church of Sweden to Offer Same-Sex MarriagesCrucifer965983
Sexual Positions in marriagesodr2224760
Metropolitan JONAH signs Manhattan DeclarationJetavan182464
How can I be a better potential wife?TheProdigalSon15978
non Orthodox spousesscamandrius165228
The Polygynous Convert?Riddikulus444255
Name changesteve324040
Wedding RingsSlave of Christ161224
1 Cor. 7:39Rosehip271283
Orthodox wedding with Roman Catholic bride (questions)ProdigalSon358460
Christ and the Church, Husband and wife, sex!Mivac91764
A world without marriage?Christianus191066
A Marriage Made In HeavenSlave of Christ573080
I have a quesiton about marital relations in Oriental Orthodoxy?Blissfully Unaware3704
Marital sex is a sin in Orthodoxy?Blissfully Unaware5112035
Preparation for marriage - what should I be praying/doing?Liz341764
To convert or not to convert-Schismatic MarriageJimCBrooklyn281635
Do Oriental Orthodox Crown During Their Weddings?St. Christopher5855
how to find a husbandDoamneajuta71648
how big is this sin?/marinajoannou251202
Why Date a non-Orthodox?minasoliman814023
Pastoral for CouplesFabio Leite2388
Orthodox/ Catholic issue of divorceAzurestone956088
can you be "out in the world", and celibate?trevor72694301290
divorced and then remarried.....can't get baptized?trevor72694282253
wierd Presbyterian belief...what do we say?trevor7269481410
Decline in Marriages - GOASolEX01271705
Marriage to Non-Orthodox & ExcommunicationSirach232981
Polygamy, Polygyny and PolyandryAlveus Lacuna503333
Wedding crownsscamandrius183368
Conception during Lent?Mommy23694931
Greek & Apostolic Orthodox Query silver3l464042
Orthodox Christians who have children outside of marriageTobit5509
The Orthodox View Of Non-Christian MarriageTobit251056
Marriage with Adoption instead of natural childbirthNero483117
Why bother getting married??Poppy291509
Marriage in HeavenVolnutt5809
Confronting a non-OO about taking Communion Gisasargavak432308
OO-EO mixed couplesGorazd281663
Prayer of a Married Personebueno2281
Antiochian Orthodox couple celebrate 80th wedding anniversarySalpy3199
Should I even bother to try?anonymous1302921
Marriage after annulment/COCrebecca.ann2213
Non church marriagezaphod24453
Can Deacons (or the wife of a Deacon) re-marry?Sam G14257
Catholic and Orthodox teachings of divorce and remarriagemichaeltn1031424
Orthodox teaching on divorceAnna.T18178

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