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Results for Patriarchate
Subject Started by Replies Views
Alexy II Decries Attempts by Bartholomew I to Dominate World Orthodoxy!nstanosheck101938
OCL speaks out on Esphigmenou Monasterynstanosheck41477
Irinaios of Jerusalem: "Church Schism in Ukraine an Internal Affair of the MPnstanosheck0900
EP Protocol No. 756nstanosheck51311
A few articles on Patriarch Alexi's meetings in Israel & Palestinenstanosheck01523
Neo-Papal PatriarchalismKeble465737
Favourite living holy person and departed saints?Timos294213
Kerala: Church feud takes violent turn; cops resort to lathichargenstanosheck11949
Patriarchal Rankingcothrige283313
Patriarch Bartholomew vs Esphigmenou MonasteryBizzlebin14113518
Crisis at Mt Athosjarednicholas546204
Apostolic Succession must be through Constantinople?ROCORthodox162966
Purges in the Antiochian ArchdioceseBasilCan10017418
Monks as a light to men... DerekMK101827
Communist 'blather' or The Orthodox' Diseasemacedonia742903
More news from Athosscamandrius1812
Is AGAIN Magazine Orthodox?ignatius122541
What? The EP is a heretic???StGeorge172168
Vatican sets up Administrator for Russian Eastern Catholic ChurchOrthodoc288621
Addressing Orthodox ClergyMsGuided175009
Western Rite Orthodox...ByzantineSerb5413241
Jerusalem Patriarchate- Here we go again.....ozgeorge81693
Announcement by the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain Athosscamandrius18729442
Mt. Athos Monks speak about Pope's visitROCORthodox11021
pre-schism popes: "universal ruler" ?nonchal264061
ROCOR and Metropolitan Cyprian breakanastasios73294
Jerusalem Patriarchateorthodoxlurker32168
Election Process for Patriarch has commenced in MoscowIrish Hermit91606
Ancient Eastern Church "Greek" - heresy? Sorgoros4351

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