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Results for unity
Subject Started by Replies Views
Catholic-Episcopalians propose joint-bishop meetingsnstanosheck01219
Liturgical Insanity or why there will never be a "reunion"Sabbas7910906
Unity and our SaintsIsaac539203
Uniate Churches?Papist394066
HH Pope Shenouda and HB Pope Theodorus common statement on Max Michelminasoliman82281
OO & EO dialogueGhazaros31219
Fr. John Erickson's speech on Eastern and Oriental Orthodox unitypensateomnia21814
Branch theory and Non-Chalcedoniansanastasios193495
Copts and Russians: Discovering Each OtherEkhristosAnesti41364
EO using OO iconsLandon77193310
Orthodox Unity Organization of Eastern & Oriental OrthodoxOrthodoc92014
Oriental theologians against union?Yirmiyahu132417
Poll About Reunion with RomeSt. Christopher497995
Dissenting ROCOR Parishes & ClergyTinaG162129
Oriental Orthodox & Eastern Orthodox UnityIS15028790
What Went Wrong, And When?Slave of Christ313108
Attempts at reunification between O.O. and E.O.?Eugenio61292
Christians Unite!Thomas444867
Small Differences of OO/EO in worship services and life style wont help unityalexp4uni2821
Oriental Orthdoxoxy and the Catholic ChurchPapist234454
The Church of the East and its Relationship with the Catholic and Oriental Orthodox ChurchesPapist163543
Branch TheoryIrenaeus07283170
Communion of Different ReligionsSlave of Christ213843
Syriac Orthodox and Antiochian Orthodox inter-CommunionHaileAmanuel85044
Need good online source for documented OO/EO dialogue_Seraphim_2771
Relationship between Ethiopian church and Coptic church?serb1389184945
Oriental/Eastern dilemmanarrowpathplease364168
The reunity between the Coptic Orthodox church & The Ethiopean OrthodoxMacarius202912
The Venerable Heads of the Oriental Orthodox Churches - Addis Ababa 1965AntoniousNikolas143192
Pictures of Concelebrated Oriental Orthodox LiturgyMor Ephrem142605
Declaration of Pat. Ignatius IV that Non-Chalcedonians may commune...anastasios317866
ROCOR - MP Meeting regarding Church UnityOrthodoc213837
Joint Declaration on Christology?Papist41373
Sacrament ValidityIan Lazarus293439
Oriental Orthodox - Armenian liturgymarlo356653
Is there any hope/ non vs. chalcedonian?germanus223256
Oriental Orthodox Con-celebrationAmdetsion142117
Elimination of Diasporajmkora1704
The Upcoming Oriental Orthodox Con-celebrationdaniel_reji0492
Can OO and EO, "preach to all nations" "hand in hand" before re-union?EkhristosAnesti51391
Oriental Orthodox Churches' 8th Meeting Kefa0851
Orthodox Churches Celebrate Eucharist TogetherEkhristosAnesti0906
His Holiness and His Beatitude with HH Patriarch Shnouda III and special delegatKefa41027
What Issues prevent full communion between EO and OO?Kosmas Damianides51532
Eastern Orthodox Orthodoxy?Ghazaros1682
The views of Oriental Orthodoxy on Eastern OrthodoxyNtinos43159
EO sympathizers' explanation of the schismignatios102036
Ecumenism... Your opinion88Devin1216016475
OBL Celebartiing its First Birthdaytheorthodoxchurch2799
Russian Met. Kirill presents Philokalia to the Indian Orthodox Acolyte11087
Pray for the Orthodox unityMacarius232701
Joint prayer service to be held tomorrow at St. Vartan Cathedral in New YorkSalpy0717
EO and OO Claims to Unbroken Succession to Antioch and AlexandriaSlave of Christ183160
We Cannot Be Sure Where the Church Is NotSlave of Christ443948
Sharing communionJonny51129
Christian unity: PollMarc Hanna1169810
Jurisdictional Disunity and the Russian Mission welkodox9415096
Current status on EO and OO relations?simplygermain766640
Note the differences - EO & OOGammaRay353815
We're getting along again.Salpy91067
Seperation between our ChurchesRdrStevenRoberts51257
Ex-Mormon Looking for a new HomeDivinus515290
Communing Non-Chalcedoniansdllwatkins799871
Orthodox in US explore possibility of unifying mike869213
Why aren't we in communion yet?Feanor102637
On the rest of EO Traditiondeusveritasest5678
Question about administrative affairsmaxval131029
Patriarch Kirill to visit ArmeniaSalpy151615
On Full Communion Between the Four Apostolic ChurchesWetCatechumen997065
Second Agreed StatementSalpy252331
Oecumenism Arnaud131266
eastern orthodox (eg greece, georgia) and oriental orthodox (ethiopia, syrians)giorgi151345
Union between Orthodox Brethren - Question/Inquiry from EO...88Devin12291762
The EO/OO Million Dollar QuestionAgabus804093
A Proposed Formula for ReunionIconodule312016
Re: Cooperation and Fraternal Love =Branch Theory?JamesRottnek704072
OOs Accepting the Latter Councils of the EOsSeverian814677
I Found this very interesting letter from the Russian Church...Severian271286
Attending and communing at each other's ChurchesDimitrius12645
Pan-Orthodox Day of Praise in Los Angeles, on May 12Salpy201205
Joint EO-OO Prayer ServiceSeverian11613
OO/EO Bishops sign deal in SwedenSuryoyutho183492
Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Alexandria greets New Coptic PopePharaoh7149782
Agreement Signed Between Armenian and Russian SeminariesSalpy19686
Archbishop Leo:Eastern & Oriental Orthodox Churches form fullness of Orthdoxy theorthodoxchurch28737
Patriarch John X Announces Antiochian Unity Conference June 26-28Nephi14493

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