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Results for salvation
Subject Started by Replies Views
Salvation in Orthodoxytrifecta3846
Supererogatory WorksSlave of Christ122561
Orthodoxy and the AtonementStGeorge747587
Dealing with Calvinist Uncle...Justinian91548
When St. Paul talks about being predestinederracht132292
Predestinatation in orthodoxyTruthSeeker3746
Free-Will Baptist ConfusionWillie739271
John 6:44 - all who come?Rho808959
JustificationDoubting Thomas294203
Blessed AugustineIsaac275603
How "Orthodox" is this article by Federica........Justinian466533
West - East Fathers of the ChurchJames91752
Original SinClement91578
The two major views of the atonement- in orthodoxy?TruthSeeker182584
Concerning Original Sincothrige12313836
Substitutionary AtonementBrotherAiden41658
Why don't Orthodox accept notion that Christ appeased Father's wrath?StGeorge286009
St Mark of Ephesus for or against purgatory?Philotheos607195
Why Did Jesus Have To Die?falafel33341225
Excellent article- a must read!TruthSeeker2837
Atonement, again!sin_vladimirov61192
What Mel MissedAmatorDeus111849
Crucifixion and Atonementpatricius142678
Questions about Orthodox "soteriology"Doubting Thomas162838
Penal Substitution?EkhristosAnesti326662
Satisfaction: East and Westchrisb71504
Christ's Descent Into HadesEkhristosAnesti455237
Purgatory or Something Like ItLinus7445456
Christ's Fellowship with the Father upon the CrossMor Ephrem61055
Purgatory questionTruthSeeker265294
Are Orthodox saved by grace after all they can do?Rho102103
JustificationTwenty Nine132058
St John Cassian, Semipelgianism, and the Councils of Orangedantxny92113
Anthropology: Consequences of the FallEkhristosAnesti394741
Predestination view in orthodoxyTruthSeeker41099
At the Pearly Gatestrifecta61431
Assurance of Salvation in orthodoxyTruthSeeker51807
I don't understand prayers for the dead.....Byzantine Catholic312936
The Orthodox Doctrine of SalvationLinus7273972
What's OUR "Limbo"?Pedro191997
Substantial GraceKeble122607
The Compossibility of a Loving God & the Eternal Destruction of SinnersEkhristosAnesti343481
Praying people out of hell?Marat133389
Is the Eucharist necessary for salvation?Dominus Illuminatio Mea302469
how does prayer help the dead?erracht325760
Toll Houses?Andreas212948
Heaven and hell: Are they *literal* places or a state of being?Arystarcus133895
Original sin and SalvationBen182566
Non-Christians saved in the name of Christ?EkhristosAnesti141571
are you "sent" to hell?erracht202685
Who died on Calvary?ignatius9711743
unbaptised infants that dieHesychios172200
Babies not baptised go to hellTruthSeeker112556
Salvation as a process...need more helpTruthSeeker3920
Heaven--Immediately? Or after the Last Judgment? orth_christian2000302791
Is orthodoxy Semi- Pelagian?TruthSeeker141771
"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household."serb1389101773
Orthodox soteriologyThe Wolf92017
Heaven, Hell, and CondemnationSimayan163607
The necessity of baptismMatthew777192383
Legalism and Salvationprodromas81252
Peculiar Roman Catholic Salvation DoctrineNacho9712074
Re: Confessionprodromas15215683
Orthodox and Salvation from ???Alexius141733
Mary & SinCleopas12918198
What is Justification?ignatius213947
A question to CatholicsQuinault828540
Faith and Salvationsohma_hatori189287
TheosisDemetrios G.9013306
Salvation by Faith Alone?Veniamin585514
Why Did Jesus Have to Die For Our Sins???Irenaeus07255978
Baptism and SalvationShamus161777
Salvation of the world and pantheismHeorhij252482
"Born Again" (not Evangelical)Myrrh235973
Oriental and Latin TheologyAthanasios759462
Introduction and questionpatricius142735
Faith and Workspatricius51905
Man and Redemption: a Summary of the Patristic View of the AtonementSeverian12738
In the Afterlifecopticorthodoxboy203011
Why Orthodox soteriology is gobbledygook to a Western Christianafanasiy31701
SoteriologySeamus ODonnell302899
do we have to be miserable to be saved?erracht141861
Latin theology and OO: at one with the Atonement?ialmisry122361
Forgiveness and Salvationathanasios25969
We Cannot Be Sure Where the Church Is NotSlave of Christ443932
Salvation of Non-ChristiansJSOrthodoxy51373
Divided from God? josh282586
Will God take us to task regarding heretical beliefs???Irenaeus07121571
Questions on Salvation???trappedandconfused111061
Salvation for the Non-OrthodoxMark of Ephesus81341
What is the fate of heretics?ignatius10010892
Armenian vs. Coptic TheologyOrthodox11606858
About SalvationDan-Romania4821
Is there grace outside the Orthodox Church?Remie222958
Orthodox view on life after deathOrtho_cat11032
What is the church's view on "salvation by association"?sodr272011
Does the Orthodox Church teach that God is too kind?The Iambic Pen202159
In what sense did Jesus 'die for our sins'?GammaRay486127
Soteriological Concernsfleur-de-lys8894
praying for Satan to be saved?believer74151243
How do I explain hell?Super Apostolic Bros.543773
What was accomplished by Christ's death and resurrection?Peleg91040
AnnihilationismAlveus Lacuna292513
Internal vs. Externalandroid4516
Explaining salvation outside the church? Is this right?88Devin128800
Why was it necessary for Christ to die? Was there no other way to reconcile?Jibrail Almuhajir422233
Is this a correct understanding of Salvation?Peleg5652
Patristic Consensus on Salvation for HeterodoxApples262611
Is the God of Christianity true?Azul321925
Role of the ChurchLibertas10705
Misconceptions about Ephesians 2:8-9JLatimer142080
Salvation: By ourselves, or not?cleveland723153
Orthodox interpretation of Romans 10:9-13Ortho_cat91657
"salvation by works"?trevor72694342072
Only Christians go to Heavensprtslvr1973554567
Are Muslims/Buddhists/etc saved?TryingtoConvert1179252
Incarnation and Evolution Processgregory773330
Is Salvation a "Free" gift?peteprint232130
"In Christ" before "conversion" to Orthodoxy?Walter Skold201404
What's the point of Jesus?deuteros5573
What I still can't get my head roundDavid Young61234454
Orthodox Sin and SoteriologyStupid Scholar131541
Protestant Response to "Is Salvation a 'Free' gift?"Zenith1026180
`Salvation is only found in the Orthodox Church`: what does this mean?Pravoslavbob183016
Salvation for non-Christians in OOxySeverian663239
Surprised by Damnation?Volnutt553055
Why So Long??Poppy181314
Can Coptics go to heaven? EOC opinionloser291744
To all non-Coptic OOApples342168
I think I'm a bit muddled on Orthodox salvation.Volnutt261143
How does obedience relate to salvation?FountainPen9572
Once saved, always saved?kurtismjohnson11925
Salvation of Christians outside the ChurchSalpy621625
Works, faith, salvationAnastasia111448
The Historic Place of the Anselmianism/Penal Satisfaction in Oriental OrthodoxySeverian211169
Oriental Orthodox SalvationAnastasia15637

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