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Results for roman catholic
Subject Started by Replies Views
Gibson’s film about MedjugorjeSouthSerb99265270
Catholic-Episcopalians propose joint-bishop meetingsnstanosheck01246
Document reveals that POPE is behind episcopal coverup of sex abusers!nstanosheck31396
Dec. 2: New on A conservative site for peaceSerge21062
Wanted: Catholics' thoughts on these 2 articlesnstanosheck619316
Tells Teocist: If We Are Worthy, God Will Grant Us the Gift of Unitynstanosheck234823
Do any Roman Catholics still make the sign of the Cross this way?Sabbas133678
Liturgical Insanity or why there will never be a "reunion"Sabbas7911176
RC Saintscrocodilina142105
Catholic School for an Orthodox Christian???SouthSerb99479611
Vatican Set To Baptize Space AliensPsalti Boy51620
Papal Infallibility vs Ecumenical CouncilsMarat11721277
Scholastic Orthodoxy?meenas396186
Uniate Churches?Papist394446
Calling All Current and Former Catholics!chris446982
Bishop of Rome Diescizinec547877
Schismatic "traditionalist" groups AKA Groups to avoid at ALL costJoeZollars13422300
Communion by Bread and Wine...ignatius183707
My opinion on the Catholic Churchgo_reds5677078
Vatican sets up Administrator for Russian Eastern Catholic ChurchOrthodoc288675
Father John MackHesychios9619491
Future U.S. Religious Trends - From Catholic To Orthodoxwelkodox396392
Mt. Athos Monks speak about Pope's visitROCORthodox11033
pre-schism popes: "universal ruler" ?nonchal264130
Western-rite OrthodoxyPravoslavbob18947946
Announcement by the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain Athosscamandrius18729747
Western Rite Orthodox...ByzantineSerb5413334
Evangelical Leader Returns To CatholicismBJohnD1853
What exactly is the Orthodox understanding of the word 'catholic'?Jibrail Almuhajir81220
Is Metr. Zlizious responsible for derailing the dialogue with RCC?orthodoxlurker9014686
The view of marriage in different Christian churchesThe Iambic Pen915344
Why does the Traditional Anglican Communion want to drown in the Tiber?ialmisry7313577
Romanian Patriarch in RomeAmadeus01336
The non-Catholic counterfeit Vatican II sect_Seraphim_93459
Orthodox view of Roman Catholic ordersJoeZollars377342
today is a sad, sad day for all Roman CatholicsJoeZollars467918
The SSPX and the OrthodoxJoeZollars226767
Name of this forumanastasios224908
The 2 mothers parable...nstanosheck355747
Do Romans and Orthodox wish Eastern Catholics didn't exist?Dan Lauffer10816723
How can Rome fall?earlychurch43035182
Cerularius' chancellorPJ21211
For AmatorDeusBobby51493
Greek Catholic Priest Responds To Orthodox (UOC-MP) Vice-RectorOrthodoc61481
Modernism in the RCC, liturgical abuses and can it happen here?Heracleides748397
should we believe RCs' visions?erracht51168
New RC Bishop for FinlandKrysostomos0409
Popes, the Byzantine Divine Liturgy, and Vestmentsjordanz475103
Convert living with RC parentsSam G9626
Dealing with RC priestSam G481631

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