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Results for ecumenism
Subject Started by Replies Views
Catholic-Episcopalians propose joint-bishop meetingsnstanosheck01279
Rome And Moscow Relaunch Dialoguenstanosheck123730
Patriarch Alexy meets with Archbishop Antonio, newest representitive of Romenstanosheck01338
Pope Asks Patriarch of Constantinople for Regular Contactsnstanosheck31887
Wanted: Catholics' thoughts on these 2 articlesnstanosheck6111144
Tells Teocist: If We Are Worthy, God Will Grant Us the Gift of Unitynstanosheck234964
RC mass in EO Churcharmando284190
Is this forum biased towards....anastasios547465
Liturgical Insanity or why there will never be a "reunion"Sabbas7911479
Uniate Churches?Papist394633
OO & EO dialogueGhazaros31300
Met. Lubomyr of the Ukrainian Catholics on ecumenismSerge153698
"Ecumenism"- should we use a different word?ozgeorge294818
Croatia: Inter-Faith Christian Gathering StartsSlave of Christ41264
Will the 21st Be the Orthodox Century?dantxny122178
Vocations and Conversionwelkodox7410277
Announcement by the Sacred Community of the Holy Mountain Athosscamandrius18731128
Mt. Athos Monks speak about Pope's visitROCORthodox11071
Must I receive the label "Orthodox" to be serious about Orthodoxy? Matthew777586181
Evangelical Leader Returns To CatholicismBJohnD1873
Ecumenism and the church of the antichristPravoslav0911313123
Is Ecumenical Dialogue Really About Conversion?ozgeorge6810930
Exclusion of Eastern Catholic Churches from the Ecumenical DialogueIrish Hermit14319164
Is Metr. Zlizious responsible for derailing the dialogue with RCC?orthodoxlurker9015059
Patriarch Bartholomew is ready to accept the Pope's primacymsmirnov27529863
Are Catholics Christians?Papist486044
The Pope must be commended for his efforts to clean out homosexuals Aline283910
Ravenna document is non-existing for the Serbian Orthodox Churchorthodoxlurker608161
EP & Met. Zizioulas Slam The Russian Orthodox Church As They Meet In RomeIrish Hermit9814834
The View From HereCleopas133083
Met. Hilarion on the WCCROCORthodox4949
Orthodox/Catholic meeting in CanadaSerge01007
So what was the concelebration?Remie569214
In Bid for Unity, Pontiff May Review His PowersOrthodoc264617
The Antichrist and his precursors - Freemasonry and Ecumenism.Stephans398102
Sould Popes Kiss the Quran?Myrrh23929897
Report of the Second Meeting of Catholic-Oriental Orthodox Theological Dialoguedaniel_reji01067
Jacobite Church Forbids All Unauthorized Prayer Groupsdaniel_reji172688
Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan Receives Holy Communion from Catholic Bishoplubeltri10314969
Praying With The Heterodoxlubeltri233174
Should Orthodox Avoid Catholic Blessings?StGeorge435884
Vatican Delegation In AthensOrthodoc0740
Romanian Bishop May Be Excommunicated for Catholic CommunionIrish Hermit528428
Ecumenism: Origins, History, Goals, etc. A Sombra192787
Pope meets with Oriental Orthodox leaders, prays for real unitydaniel_reji31155
Prayer with HereticsCyprianus82268
Rome and Oriental no MoreJOHNYJ8261380
Church to withdraw from official dialogue with RCpaul20042893
Old calenderist questionprodromas479367
More Vatican-Phanar ShenanigansHeracleides284407
Doctrinal unity between Orthodox and Latins?afanasiy386774
Trip to Orthodox UN prayer service yesterdayanastasios163025
A Statement of Serbian Bishop ARTEMIJE on EcumenismSlave of Christ7819566
Rosary Ambush by Buddhist MonksJames222182
EP suggests "dual unity" for Eastern Catholics?wynd16528111
The Price of Ecumenismjosh303406
Ecumenism... Your opinion88Devin1216017500
Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I Acolyte788257
Are these acts heretical?ROCORthodox101661
Russian Met. Kirill presents Philokalia to the Indian Orthodox Acolyte11696
Vatican investing gold of Orthodox died in death-camps in wars against Orthodoxorthodoxlurker14723389
What is/isn't ecumenism?88Devin1271913
One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church & Ecumenical Ideasserb1389152074
Whose Orthodoxy, Anyway?Pravoslav0914616608
Christian unity: PollMarc Hanna11610963
Is it proper for Eastern Orthodox Christians to Pray with Catholics?Papist465962
Discussion on Ecumenismshep456938828670
Oriental Orthodox relations with the Catholic ChurchIrish Hermit153025
Greek clergy circulate document on 'heresy of ecumenism'Robb909293
The Russian Orthodox Church on EcumenismIrish Hermit30220096
Is It OK For Orthodox to Attend Protestant Churches?PoorFoolNicholas7518508
Since when is God our Mother and Native American mythology, Holy Scripture?Matthew777415665
Old Calendarist Churches ,"World Orthodoxy", and Maximos the ConfessorPravoslavbob14225387
Benedict XVI opens to the Anglo-CatholicsAlexanderOfBergamo746124
spending time with a protestant mothers' group - okay?kmm181587
Orthodoxy being "at odds" with all other ChristianitiesAlveus Lacuna271630
Ecumenism and the Ecclesiology of Saint Cyprian of Carthagejosh243393
Ecumenism (opinion on news)Alonso_castillo57741995
Attending Non-Orthodox ServicesAlveus Lacuna454191
Description of the conditions necessary for a council to be regarded as ecumenicmilitantsparrow19214549
Archbishop Artemije retired by Sabor.poslushnik252204
Romanian Elders on Ecumenism - Justin Popvitch, etc.DeathToTheWorld191264
is it OK for me to visit another church?trevor72694232332
What is so heretical about "ecumenism"?88Devin12857321
On Full Communion Between the Four Apostolic ChurchesWetCatechumen997807
Are there bleeding heart liberals in the Serbian Orthodox synod?stashko302109
Essential Islamic knowledgeMekki705151
Second Agreed StatementSalpy252763
Why Should the Orthodox Care About Catholicism?visitor392851
Heterodoxy vs. Heresy: Same category or different?visitor445650
Are the orthodox allowed to attend the services of another church? MyMapleStory141115
Which EO churches ("flavors") are NOT involved with Ecumenism.yeshuaisiam1218899
Antiochian Met. Phillip fires priest for wearing cassocknstanosheck15418212
Oecumenism Arnaud131346
Serbian Patriarch Irinei has celebrated Hannukah in a synagogueAlveus Lacuna15110985
List on the Orthodox churches involved in ecumensimyeshuaisiam1307963
Pan-Orthodox Vespers?Shlomlokh412562
Joint DeclarationLeisa283889
An Alliance of Faithelijahmaria553260
Eastern-Oriental Orthodox Concelebration copticyouth93112873
`Salvation is only found in the Orthodox Church`: what does this mean?Pravoslavbob183646
Re: Cooperation and Fraternal Love =Branch Theory?JamesRottnek704575
What does "ecumenism of return" mean?PJ6878
Where are all the Catholics?PJ281367
OO Monks and EcumenismSeverian161190
Orthodoxy, Ecumenism and Arrogance - a subjective queryHrugnir785710
Syriac Orthodoxy and EcumenismSeverian1005191
Agreement Signed Between Armenian and Russian SeminariesSalpy19822
The Apostate Moscow PatriarchateIncognito777541587
Eastern Orthodox dealings with the "Miaphysites"Aaron6127631273
Ecumenism and the Baar Statment at the WCCAaron61278295
Why I Left Old Calendarist OrthodoxyTed14112247

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