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Results for Ordination
Subject Started by Replies Views
Bishops Consecrations in AntiochChtets Ioann1195538
Mix-Marriage OrdinationOrthodox1161435
Serbian Orthodox priest appointed as a Hegumen in the Coptic Churchcopticmind615547
New Hegomen Videocopticorthodoxboy1885
Short Video of an Ordination to the Priesthood EkhristosAnesti82048
Deacon Ordination of Amdetsion October 29, 2006Amdetsion152994
Bishop Kallistos On Female PriestsSlave of Christ9116151
The Ordination of 5 new bishops for Malankara Archdiocesedaniel_reji31014
Rev. Fr. Jacob Markose of the EAE ordained as a Rabban (Monk) daniel_reji0736
Malankara Archdiocese blessed with five more Metropolitansdaniel_reji0786
All the five bishop - designates are elevated to Rambandaniel_reji01016
New metropolitan of Patriarchal Vicar for the Archdiocese of Belgium and France.daniel_reji01002
Ethiopian Holy OrdersOrthodox1131292
Ordination and tonsuring of serversCyprianus334857
Diaconate Ordinationmonkvasyl131591
Deaconess in Coptic and other oriental churchesAddai526930
Clerical Celibacyminasoliman71333
Our Admin, Fr. Dcn. Anastasios, Ordained to the Holy Priesthooddrewmeister2475619
Urgent Need of Prayerschris142021
Why can't a priest marry after ordination?TruthSeeker212680
Ordination of Women in the Orthodox ChurchBrigidsboy1468168825
N.H. Episcopalians Elect Gay Bishopsinjinsmythe8315878
The OC.net Tabloid NewsBobby81391
Canon Re. DisabilitiesTinaG202803
Nick ordained !TomS426781
Responsibilities of the DiaconateJibrail Almuhajir322381
Titus 1:5Slave of Christ2592
Miscellaneous Split from Russian True Orthodox Church threadGOCTheophan262002
Deaconess and the sacrament of holy ordersdanman916172370
Does the ordained deaconess receive the sacrament of Holy Orders?danman916343372
Fr. Dn. Peter Theodore Farrington to be ordained to the priesthoodminasoliman182217
Seven New Bishops for the Orthodox Church of the Easttheorthodoxchurch102224
Happy news from the British Orthodox ChurchSalpy81507
Former Ukrainian footballer ordainedmike3628
The ordination of the first Pakistan Orthodox Christian PriestElpidophoros133325
The orthodox therapistt0m_dR0757
Priests, Shepherds, Elders and Bishopstruthstalker162249
Giving the Deacon the "fans" at a Diaconal Ordination?serb1389324991
Ordination of priests at Holy Etchmiadzin on the Feast of PentecostSalpy3928
What do Orthodox deacons do?NewOrtho283751
OC.net guru formerly known as cleveland ordained to Holy Priesthoodpensateomnia657299
Prayers for Upcoming OrdinationSakranMM171125
Two new Bishops ordained for the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Churchdhinuus11086
multiple ordinations in the OO ChurchesSalpy71103
Excommunications of Ben LomondBasilCan7511165
OO/EO and EO/OO "transfers"MichaƂ513441
Antiochian Orthodox priest canonically transfers to British Orthodox ChurchSerge346929
Priesthood: Laity vs OrdainedAzurestone18834
OO Priest Ordination and Denouncing HereticsGisasargavak392737
Priestly Waiting Period by Jurisdictionmctaviix6651
Must a Person be Married to Become a Priest?Antonis10678
Validity of baptismmaxval8509
So-called 'Ohio Orthodox Catholic Church' ordains female bishopbiro61003
Coptic OrdinationAndrew - The First Called71185
Multiple ordinationsmike3366
Are priests' hands consecrated with holy chrism...BayStater1233422
HH Pope Tawadros ordains 8 new bishops and enthrones 3 moreminasoliman212341
Axios! Axios! Axios! Deacon Antony PaulJonathan393268
Do we kiss a deacons hand when one meets one????stashko354388

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