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Results for Old Testament
Subject Started by Replies Views
Orthodox Old Testament coming soon too?nstanosheck01007
The Masoretic TextMatthew77711884
Old Testament - Merciful God?Silas81055
OT VS NTcopticorthodoxboy20616749
Old Testament immoralityzebu384342
Isaiah 19:25minasoliman61650
Psalm 139:10-20Shamus2720
Trouble Finding Inspiration in the Old Testament?raskolnikov151612
a question about the Noah's Ark story in the O.T.MaryCecilia91163
OT Help...Lavis Knight204519
Why did God ordain a juridical form of OT religion if His goal was different?afanasiy3956
Shedding of blood!prodromos3814
Did Moses ascend into Heaven? Acolyte444984
The Incarnate Christ in the Old TestamentAcolyte333137
The Septuagint Acolyte252128
"And Prevail When Thou Art Judged"Slave of Christ61249
Concerning Is. 45:7Slave of Christ151322
Jonah 3Mickey4662
Question about GenesisMaryCecilia3668
Reconciling the Old and New Testamentsjosh926626
Question about Psalm 50HandmaidenofGod91220
Genesis Reading need explaination??Byzantine2008413106
Ishmael's age and Sara's departureTheophilos78101783
Patristic commentary on "subdue the earth... have dominion" (Genesis 1:28)_Seraphim_51341
The Church's take on Exodus 34:7ironsiderodger91211
Old Testament miracles - literal, figurative, both?JLatimer113004
Bible Study/Presentation on Exodus SourcesStGeorge5934
Confusion In Proverbs, Book of Wisdom and Sirach - Wisdom quietmorning91597
Who Is The "One Who Is Weakest Among" Jerusalem And Is "As David"?rakovsky5548
Should Psalm 22 be played on the "Morning Star" or to the "Doe of the Morning?"rakovsky73268
Old Testament readings in the Divine Liturgybiro61015
Requirements for the Messiahandrewdodd3527
Does Isaiah 51-52:5 describe Israel's return from Babylon, or the Resurrection?rakovsky4548
2 Maccabees 12:44Michael_Gerard5460
Psalm 6:5Michael_Gerard9842
According to the Scriptures, the Messiah Would Riserakovsky4670
St. Stephen was mistaken?Theophilos7814868
Does Isaiah 53:12 say the Servant poured or exposed himself to death?rakovsky151610
Exodus 9:12GTAsoldier5361

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