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Results for ecumenical councils
Subject Started by Replies Views
Other churches views of the 7 ecumenical councilstrifecta121975
Some miscellaneous OO questionsialmisry163148
Ecumencial Councilsprodromas141886
Infallibility of the Ecumenical CouncilsSlave of Christ376474
Was Rome an "appellate court" in the early church?trifecta61542
Criteria for an ecumenical council?Evlogitos7511169
How is a Council "Ecumenical"?Doubting Thomas7811313
Oriental Christian EastByzantineChristian61471
Would a Council Be Necessary?AntoniousNikolas19524047
St Nicholas slapped AriusMattheos23043
The Function of CouncilsGhazaros101824
Branch TheoryIrenaeus07283204
Papal Infallibility vs Ecumenical CouncilsMarat11721115
Orthodoxinfo.com's take on Non-ChalcedoniansEkhristosAnesti7310595
Holy Fathers of the Ecumenical Councilspaul20040655
Will the OO and EO Reunite? drewmeister225425331
Why no more councilsjohnmac111566
The First Ecumenical Council and the Bible CanonSlave of Christ2749
Ecumenicity of the EO councilsAlpo6720
2nd & 3rd Councils of Ephesusdeusveritasest302980
Current status on EO and OO relations?simplygermain766901
Ecumenical Council and the FilioqueNMHS474123
What is an Ecumenical Council?pensateomnia372434
Book on the Ecumenical CouncilsAlveus Lacuna81120
Can Orthodox produce a full Ecumenical Council without Rome?Kaste262718
Ecumenical Councilsdeusveritasest4570
Description of the conditions necessary for a council to be regarded as ecumenicmilitantsparrow19213841
Ecumenical CouncilsROCORthodox162459
Church of the...how many...Councils?Benjamin the Red201167
Seven Ecumenical Councils and that's is for the Orthodox Church?rimlyanin352047
Why isn't the council of Jeruselum numbered with the seven eccumenical councils?MyMapleStory12706
Dialogue With the AthonitesSeverian424524
What made the Seven Ecumenical Councils ecumenical?vasily401995
What makes a council and ecumenical one?john_mo38993
How many Ecumenical Councils do the Orthodox recognize?Maria75849

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