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Results for New Testament
Subject Started by Replies Views
Orthodox Old Testament coming soon too?nstanosheck01087
Orthodox New TestamentAugustine435431
Gospel Book Coverschris12026
Orthodox New Testament -- Holy Apostles / Dormition Sketearjuna311021290
Looking For a good New Testament CommentaryIrenaeus07202330
Mark 4:24Slave of Christ3896
Question about Matt. 15:5-6MaryCecilia61918
Question About Inerpretation of HebrewsKeble31005
The early circulation of ScriptureDoubting Thomas71423
Is the canon Dogmatic?idou747111214
The Afflictions of ChristSlave of Christ2654
Question re. 1 Corinthians 15:28Heorhij61155
Did They Hear A Voice?Slave of Christ171590
Reconciling the Old and New Testamentsjosh927330
Matthew 21:41 "He will put those wretches to a miserable death" (NRSV)serb138951005
Mark 13 fulfilled? josh7991
What was Christ writing on the ground?Jetavan192591
so called ignorance of christ Matthew 24:36marlo252863
How do we interpret this?Dan-Romania111072
Dating of NT DocumentsSlave of Christ101057
"Kecharitomeni" in Gospel of St. LukeShlomlokh2636
Interpretations of John 6:50-56 (Eucharist and our Salvation)Ortho_cat91221
A Question About I John 5:11-13Gebre Menfes Kidus11949
Interpretation of John 10:16NickthePaladin83001
Capital Punishment, War, and Romans 13Gebre Menfes Kidus182082
Bible Verse QuestionSlave of Christ4547
Early Dating of JamesSlave of Christ9585
Patristic Comments on These Passages?Slave of Christ211584
Revelation 13:8deusveritasest7761
orthodox biblesJason.Wike3735
My crazy interpretation of John 10:31JLatimer1361
Misconceptions about Ephesians 2:8-9JLatimer142594
What does this verse mean?android0251
St. Stephen was mistaken?Theophilos78141024

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