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Results for Western Rite
Subject Started by Replies Views
Hypo: Western Rite Orthodox (rocor) Monastery in Rinstanosheck32064
Western-Rite Orthodoxynstanosheck4011435
Eastern Catholic vs. Western Orthodox?Jennifer46238155
Western-rite OrthodoxyPravoslavbob18946825
Western Rite Orthodox...ByzantineSerb5413104
Poll: Byzantine Chant vs. Russian four-part HarmonyPravoslavbob546435
My Western Rite ConfusionMicahJohn396954
New Western Rite Mission Openingwelkodox21160
When Facing East Looks WestTamara92094
Rule of St. BenedictAltar Server101538
Western Rite Orthodox ChurchOrthodox Bagpiper163200
Should the WR come up with their own liturgy?collin_nunis1110898
Are women permitted to be altar servers in western rite Orthodoxscamandrius93582
Western rite IconsOrthodox Wannabe15840794
Schmemann on The Western Ritesinjinsmythe13234414
Western Rite Burial Service and Requiem LiturgyRemie52132
Why isn't Western Rite Orthodoxy thriving?Kaste27337635
Western Rite Mission Parishes in the UKIrish Hermit212238
Abba Seraphim of the British (Oriental) Orthodox Church on the EO Western RiteOrthodox1192331
Western Rite ROCOR?Eugenio14710575
The logistics of whole-congregation WRO conversionAgabus7789
Antiochian Western Rite Parish in LondonDewi Sant8972
Anyone here from the SF Bay Area? I was wondering if...SoleRedemption8754
How many Western Rites?ignatios2531
WRO Have It EasyLuckster7837
Online Resource for the Western Rite- OccidentalisThatOneGuy920373
Western Rite Ecclesiastical MusicKostaC381797
Western Rite Presence in Chicago? KostaC17468

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