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Results for schism
Subject Started by Replies Views
Reason for splitnstanosheck336035
Alexy II Decries Attempts by Bartholomew I to Dominate World Orthodoxy!nstanosheck101923
Kerala: Church feud takes violent turn; cops resort to lathichargenstanosheck11904
More on Indian Church History (split from "Rome creates parallel...")paul2004509828
Orthodox statements about the Great SchismHesychios2948
Are Catholics Christians?Papist485867
Schismatic "traditionalist" groups AKA Groups to avoid at ALL costJoeZollars13421322
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102335
Indian Orthodox Church ordains expelled Syriac Orthodox Monk as Bishopdhinuus1911662
Relationship between Ethiopian church and Coptic church?serb1389184975
The reunity between the Coptic Orthodox church & The Ethiopean OrthodoxMacarius202929
Oriental Orthodoxy and PeterAthanasios223555
Indian (Malankara) Orthodox ChurchBen52709
The Ancient "Church of the East"Doubting Thomas14822971
Which Indian/Syrian/Malankara Church Communes with the rest of the Church?EkhristosAnesti8416825
Schism in AustraliaMattheos55047
Canoncial validity of Patriarchatesjmkora203530
Petrine Primacyjmkora518182
Problem between two OO churches turning violent in INDIAajomattackal41041
Searching for the Name of a Famous Ethiopian MonkEkhristosAnesti92072
Bulgarian Schism?Remie22025
Excerpt from Pospielovsky dealing with creation of Rocoranastasios254524
Communion with Other Orthodox ChurchesIrenaeus07324172
What warrants believers creating there own Jurisdiction?prodromas546555
Visit of H.H. Catholicos of the East and Indian delegation to the Holy Landpaul200491837
Rome creates parallel Catholicate in Indiapaul2004538557
A Large Number Of Syrian Orthodox Families Establish Independent Syrian Orthodoxpaul200441910
Documents related to the division in the Indian ChurchMor Ephrem162609
Hudaya Canonminasoliman286802
"Catholicos of the Ancient See of St. Thomas since it's restoration in 1912." Kefa102199
History thru pictures.Kefa0863
Answers to questionspaul2004375495
A century-old deceit and double-mindedness Kefa91566
Three Day Episcopal Synod Of The Malankara (Indian)Churchdaniel_reji406546
Possible Good News from IndiaMikho71740
Splinter OO groupsSchultz286460
Relic Of Two Of Orthodoxy's Saints To Be ReturnedOrthodoc8010797
Nature of Schism (Valid Sacraments, Fullness, etc)Andrea8413062
"Graceless heretics" a purely EO "extremist" position?Seraphim Reeves9210698
Old calenderist questionprodromas479185
Dissenting ROCOR Parishes & ClergyTinaG162136
The Malankara Church: Orthodox Syrian or Syrian Orthodox?Matthew777649471
MatthewitesPsalti Boy345716
Question for greekischristian and Anastasioscothrige314258
Continuing Schismaticsprodromas141823
UOCKP and EPROCORthodox91606
Old Calendar Worshippers and New Calendar WorshippersByzantine2008606014
The Price of Ecumenismjosh303255
EOTC: question about groups abroad separated from the Mother ChurchBartosz123886
Bishop Ukhtanes of SebastiaSalpy31876
Overcoming schism in Ukraine is a duty of the entire Orthodox communityOrthodoc0589
Church leader Calls For FastOrthodoc21169
The Battle Over Britain's Orthodox Churchozgeorge16225112
M M M MY SRAOANA!ozgeorge17713169
Whose Orthodoxy, Anyway?Pravoslav0914615409
Syriac & Indian ChurchMardukm61308
Old Calendarist Churches ,"World Orthodoxy", and Maximos the ConfessorPravoslavbob14223146
jurisdictions in full communion?deusveritasest323660
Syrian Orthodox Priest Attacks Oriental Orthodox Churches theorthodoxchurch114255
Who is allowed to receive the Holy Eucharist in the Coptic Church?Gorazd288662
Third Oriental Orthodox Jurisdiction in India ?dhinuus132390
Has the RC Pope ever committed Heresy?JimCBrooklyn262393
Schism: from the Body or in the Body?deusveritasest25951
The Divine Liturgy - Outside of Time & Space - & Schisms?AntoniousNikolas6703
When do the heterodox become alien to the Church?deusveritasest2359
What Separates Catholics and Orthodox the MostIgnatius II686497
Moldavian 'Blessed Matrona' church society: above-board or not?biro0425
Sorry to fan the flames of hatejobin2190503
Re: Cooperation and Fraternal Love =Branch Theory?JamesRottnek704120
Issues for the Orthodox in Indiadhinuus241254
The Myth of SchismTgebar72720384
Russian Orthodox Church begins initiative to end Old Believers schismxOrthodox4Christx382597
Kerala govt. against Indian Orthodox ChurchxOrthodox4Christx201672
Do you break communion over disobedience to the canons? Aaron612714237

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