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Results for prayer
Subject Started by Replies Views
"A Theologian is One who Prays"EkhristosAnesti45220
Individual prayersauthiodionitist173124
Evagrius Ponticus and prayerSalpy255610
Using a Prayer Ropesparrowshell131679
Praying with musicauthiodionitist202058
Prayer RopesDismus41079
Prayers for cookingauthiodionitist32018
the miracle-working properties of the Orthodox sign of the cross and prayervasilisl143094
confused about one crossing themself....Sloga51150
repetitive prayercristoforos112369
Rosary for OrthodoxSakranMM159440
Prayer Rulefalafel33361635
Why orthodoxAdrian233221
Church Camp & WeatherIS0897
Marian prayers and rosary beadsprodromas255672
Small Request Not Nearly as Important as most hereIS71075
Vain RepetitionsSlave of Christ507850
The Jesus Prayerprayingserb82234
Do Oriental Orthodox use prayers ropes?_Seraphim_63156
Jesus Prayer as substitute for the Hours?Mor Ephrem335417
Orthodox devotionalism?TheCultureWarrior61164
EOx repetitve prayersTheCultureWarrior131879
hard time prayingsamkim121601
Prayers for women in childbirth?Eugenio35829
Oriental Orthodox PrayersEkhristosAnesti7129305
Question about prayerQuinault111997
Prayer of St Ephraimsparrowshell31082
Jordanville Prayer Bookseraphim0892853
Arguments against Orthodoxy, please disprove!benbriggs426931
Please pray for my parish as we find a new priest_Seraphim_364649
Books on the Jesus Prayer which book is the most comprehsive bookIrenaeus0794240
What is the biblical basis of Saints having the ability to hear our prayers???Irenaeus07234641
Teach me prayers in Arabiccollin_nunis4721650
Coptic prayers & EOSakranMM1810
Prayer to St. MichaelShamus53041
In Jesus' Name, Amen.Shamus252381
Any prayers?theinformer3664
Praying for those who commit suicide...buzuxi718713
Myths of the Theotokos in the Jordanville Prayer Bookozgeorge8312034
Secession of the appetites...ignatius2644
Family PrayerProtokletos274811
Orthodox CHILDREN'S Prayers/booksTimos11166
Praying in the Children's RoomAngloCatholic31288
OO resources for other ritesSpecs61625
Oriental Orthodox Liturgical textsfalafel3335210933
Prayers for Non-Christian DeadMyrrh23143189
Daily prayers: traditions and practicesOrthServ86182579
Oh.. Morth Mariam Yoldath Aloho (Mother Of God) Pray For Usdaniel_reji0953
Devotional prayersDerekMK239194
Jesus Prayer dangerous?Orthodox Wannabe577529
Yet Another Prayerbook Questionpatricius21160
Praying to the SaintsTomS133005
SOCM Prayer Celldaniel_reji01083
Islamic Salat and non-Chalcedonian OfficesTheCultureWarrior71729
A World CrossHadel61357
Prayer with HereticsCyprianus82096
Praying With The Heterodoxlubeltri233042
"Orthodox Prayers of Old England"Suaiden01643
Question about vespers (and midnight office)Beayf31418
Where can I find Oriental Orthodox liturgical texts online?Arystarcus62893
Our Lady of Sitka Akathist- Help?Tsarina51336
Prayer Book QuestionJennifer11419
Kneeling vespers on Pentecost SundaySchultz82636
Specific Prayer Timessparrowshell81508
my position in evening prayererracht2994
Personnel Prayers!Innocent2868
Praying in dormstroy172911
Question for greekischristian and Anastasioscothrige314211
The OC.net Tabloid NewsBobby81431
how does prayer help the dead?erracht325766
Intercessory Prayer at the Liturgypeterfarrington41063
The Three Ways of Attention and Prayer (sp)TomS3868
Can anyone help me out?Andrew2109191384
Akathist HymnsJoeZollars72601
Akathist for Patron Nicholas PlanasPoorFoolNicholas202407
Good Prayer booksVlad516423
Prayers to St. Thomas the Apostle?NorthernPines63117
Need Advice and Prayers re: Sunday School class... fast!!!GreekChef212167
Trisagion VideoCrucifer51363
Chanting "Lord Have Mercy" very fast..sohma_hatori172136
Daily DevotionalsJibrail Almuhajir71537
Prayers for the departed within OO (any differences from EO view??)OrthodoxPilgrim242556
Our FatherSlave of Christ6042080
Jesus prayer/centering prayerVlad599313
Does Prayer "Work"? josh161744
Private prayers: Chanted (sung), said aloud, or silently?Joel91445
How to use this prayer book?Shlomlokh4939
Hands up in the air during the Our Father?Jennifer1059693
Having trouble w/ prayer life and others...88Devin125923
Honest Threads about the Problems with Orthodoxyc38636996
Question about Contemplative Prayergregoryofnyssa2718
Wallet sized icon cardsearn7721475
Getting started with a daily prayer ruleIrish Hermit7419898
Is it Appropriate to Pray about a Volcano?josh171973
Lenten Service BookHandmaidenofGod81735
If Prayer Works...Slave of Christ364121
Lenten FastingShlomlokh151603
Why Do We Repeat the Same Prayers?Gebre Menfes Kidus131853
prayer languageQuinault3674
Praying to the TheotokosKonstantinos1663
Should I Sing/Chant My Prayers?Gebre Menfes Kidus51993
Debts or Trespasses?byzrubush227058
Attn: Ethiopian Orthodox members - Translation NeededEkhristosAnesti61798
Pray Nareg for the Great FastGhazaros0907
Orthodox use of the RosaryPoorFoolNicholas12218438
Prayers to Inanimate ObjectsLBK112379
Prayer to Saints: Epistemic BarrierCudgel223678
Oriental Orthodox PrayersPoorFoolNicholas203894
I need online Service Books for Reader Services...Please Help!PoorFoolNicholas152111
Prayer in Secretionus181576
Praying To AngelsRosehip261919
Listening during PrayerMarat51577
Devotion to Blessed Virgin MaryChristusDominus10614826
What is tasbeha?sodr2123058
Armenian VespersSpecs71570
Prayer rope with martyriasearn7712758
The Use of a Hand Censersohma_hatori376432
Looking for Ethiopian Orthodox Prayers & Armenian Orthodox HorologionNazarene62739
Orans PositionDavidH384005
Question about Coptic practiceAndrew2109171971
Questions about prayer (arms raised? chants in the background?)GregoryLA4890
Prayer of ManassehSlave of Christ41973
Facing a Certain Direction During PrayerSlave of Christ161592
The Jesus Prayer (poll)Ortho_cat412079
Daily Prayer Link?KrisCrowley2543
Akathist to the Mother of God, Healer of Cancer, and the Pantanassa IconSalpy146100
Chaplet of the Divine MercyMister Jim Dude11317308
Need help translating a Syriac-Indian hymn (Jananee Parishudha) into English_Seraphim_62150
A change of address for Looys KreesdoseeSalpy3856
Catholic holding hands together while prayingOrtho_cat347693
How does prayer to the Saints work?Super Apostolic Bros.81413
Prayers For Deceased Non-OrthodoxSlave of Christ144355
Praying souls out of "hell"...Ortho_cat432565
prayer before lunch....trevor72694125291
Jordanville Prayer BookOrthodox Swamp Thing122183
Prayer vs. Shutting Up josh111141
the choice to whom to pray-believer745666
Praying to Non-Orthodox/Non-Christian DeceasedGregoryLA8895
Prayer of St. EphraimDavid Leon182671
Spiritual MeditationLauren_Elisse2494
Mental Imagery in Orthodox PrayerIrish Hermit2616
Liturgical Engineering: Preparation for CommunionJLatimer51137
Notes on the Jesus Prayer... short but profoundJibrail Almuhajir0576
Why we say, "Lord, have mercy!"; taken from the Philokalia.Jibrail Almuhajir2579
May I pray?Chelsea7512
Trisagion Prayerssamkim95420
Trinitarian PrayersGregoryLA7758
some ways to have more humility?trevor7269411889
afternoon prayers?trevor726948700
Prayer in Oriental OrthodoxySeth84212407
Prayer for sick non-OrthodoxJLatimer82343
praying to Christtrevor726947457
Help with Worshipping.Marko361363
I suck at prayerQuid6515
Praying to Patron Saintschaplain7691931
The Wonder-Working Kursk Icon will be at my church... now what? Jibrail Almuhajir4476
Prayer ropes and the Jesus PrayerMichael_Gerard7995
Praying in your head - is it okay?Raca112030
How much time do you pray each weekday? synLeszka251237
Pray for me pleasesodr27430
Prayer Questionpeteprint0242
Prayers for godchildrenTrevorthodox3984
Preparing for NativityJLatimer6612
Syriac Prayer Book: What do these words mean?Trevorthodox62312
Orthopraxy for complete idiotsClancy Boy372825
Odd question, Has anyone else had these experiences?Mivac8844
Contemplative Outreach / Centering Prayers & The Orthodox Church....SolEX01161573
Liturgy of the HoursAnastasia1261493
Prayers on the Prayer RopeAntonis4598
Prayers for my sick grandmother are much neededImperfectRose111480
Icons in the WorkplaceBenjamin the Red5560
Prayer Before Communionelijahmaria6691
Couple of Questions About Prayer Here...Saint Iaint4415
Is the Jesus Prayer - Satanic? Reforming Protestant433105
Prayer for high profile criminal caseSauron4271
Imagery in Prayer confusionHeruvimTajno1251
Orans Prayer PositionMaria141991
Any Prayers Written by St Cyril of Alexandria?zekarja61022
Question re: Psalm 51Yurysprudentsiya10582
For my data communications professorGTAsoldier3680
Please pray for my great uncle Ronald and his family in this time of mourningImperfectRose4257
Toward Prayer: Reflections of a Coptic monkcopticmind42827
Press to update!: Serbian Orthodox Church releases prayer appbiro0193
Difficulty in prayerGTAsoldier6385
Loose tongueGTAsoldier8340
Of Whom I Am Firstquietmorning3313
Not judging, and praying for people I don't like biro9501
Prayers for my father-in-lawnstanosheck10394
Using your own words to praystpaulphilip14651
Prayer: What Does The Science Say? [HuffPost Video]GTAsoldier751779
MCA of the Beastie Boys has reposedGTAsoldier11459
The prayer of St. John Chrysostom for each hour of the day.Tgebar1215
Hand positionAnsgar3325
Prayer of a Married Personebueno2311
Prayers For Court CaseRanda5522
Praying/Singing Prayers at HomeDionysius7647
Mindset for Prayer clifford15434
Personal Prayer/Prayer Rule in the OO/Armenian TraditionGisasargavak421597
Do I need to pray the Hours at their literal times throughout the day?chrisiacovetti291004
Where was prayer to the saints in the first 300-some years of the Church?chrisiacovetti241389
For ease of passageArachne411255
Prayer For My CousinsLaird24835
Prayer for expectant parentsjohn_mo7715
Stand, Bow, Prostrate: The Prayerful Body of Coptic Christianityminasoliman1338
Confession + prayers?icecreamsandwich13268
Average day in Orthodoxy...blessedbeggar151161
Developing a Prayer Rulepeterfarrington0361
Spiritual Life in RuinsSam G16362

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