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Results for Turkish Republic
Subject Started by Replies Views
When Minorities speak out in Turkeyalexp4uni2882
Turkish Persecution of Oecumenical Patriarch Intensifies.ozgeorge1211898
Turkey In Reformation of Islam?chris152292
Article on Turkish and Soviet atrocitiesSerge31305
Church of Cyprus to Take Legal Action Against Turkeyozgeorge1814
Obama Calls for Religious Freedom for Fener Patriarch josh1781
Turkey pulls envoys to Canada, FranceOrthodoxAndrew557600
Turks Say No to Reopen Halki SchoolOrthodoc152565
"First" Turkish Church on TV_Seraphim_4939
Turkish Muslims demand return of St Nicholas BonesOrthodoc143686
Court of Strasbourg recognizes Ecumenical Patriarchate, condemns TurkeyAristocles71250
Istanbul, Islam and Christianity88Devin122953
Karekin II Psalti Boy101548
Turkish nationalists disrupt Epiphany dive in IstanbulTomS2970
Attempts by Turkish authorities to confiscate Mor Gabriel Monasterydhinuus599416
Bartholomew I: Turkish Bureaucracy Is Trying To Make Us Disappearmike132084
Attempts by Turkish Authorities to Confiscate 1600 year old St.Gabriel MonasteryLeb Aryo101798
Turkey Under Increasing Pressure to Reopen Greek Orthodox ChurchHandmaidenofGod4720
Theological School on Halki will be reopenedmike302840
Religious artifacts in Cyprus in 'great peril' (15,000 icons gone)pensateomnia1764
EP Hierarchs will get Turkish citizenshipmike51258
Turkey will ask for retrieving St. Nicholas' relicsmike233003
Turks hold demonstration in Phanar in support of the Ecumenical Patriarchatemike101636
Europe Asks Ankara to Recognise the Oecumenical Patriarchateozgeorge171380
Anniversary of the martyrdom of St. Gregorios, Ecumenical Patriarchpensateomnia71374
April 24Salpy6931
Christians Tortured & Brutally Murdered in Turkey trevor726946787
Turkey sees "no problem" on ecumenic title for Greek Orthodox patriarchpensateomnia2637
Turkey Approves Muslim Prayer Service In Armenian Church raffisx7810
Turkish Christians look to improve political and legal standingbiro0253
Assyrians in Turkey Offered Land Already Belonging to Other MinoritiesSalpy4288
Computer Teacher at Armenian School Murdered in IstanbulSalpy3308
Armenian Church in Turkey Demands List of ‘Categorized’ ArmeniansSalpy12515

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