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Results for ROCOR
Subject Started by Replies Views
Moscow Patriarchate/ROCOR Updatechris12016617
Umm, just in case anyone has not noticed yet ...nstanosheck1761
Western-Rite Orthodoxynstanosheck4011449
The Governor of Colorado declared Sept. 15 All Saints of Russia Day!nstanosheck31467
Eastern Catholic vs. Western Orthodox?Jennifer46238200
The Testimony of Metropolitan ValentinMatthew77761150
How does someone become an Orthodox priest?mmathewes9210325
Concerning the Ecumenical PatriarchateSilouan374278
Western-rite OrthodoxyPravoslavbob18946847
The status of ROAC, etc., according to the OrthodoxSerge719105
anybody like this websitesdcheung3867
Addressing Orthodox ClergyMsGuided174785
Western Rite Orthodox...ByzantineSerb5413105
Updates to the Official ROAC USA WebsiteKyrie Eleison0823
Orthodox Parish Relocates 1500 Miles AwayKeble192717
Bishop Gregory Addresses the ROCA (L)Seraphim Reeves21034
website suggestionsJoeZollars41039
ROCOR and Metropolitan Cyprian breakanastasios73136
Let's talk ROCOR again...Matthew777786342
AN ADDRESS TO THE ROCA (L)Seraphim Reeves173997
Metropolitan Anthony on "Life beyond the Grave and Eternal Suffering"Symeon12411968
reunion ROCOR & MPCrucifer131768
How Are ROCOR Different?St. Christopher485780
Epístola del Sínodo de Obispos ROCOR, Julio de 2007Roberto32348
ROCOR - now in communion with SCOBA?Eugenio71576
Epístola de Navidad del Metropolitano LaurusRoberto22878
What about ROCOR? (From: Father Seraphim Rose and saints)Serge63731
St James the Just Church, AnchorageSerge112969
New Website for Saint James the Just (ROCOR) Anchorage, AlaskaAlaskanOrthodox82660
ROCOR - MP Meeting regarding Church UnityOrthodoc213836
ROCOR congregation meets in basement of Catholic churchSerge21354
Excerpt from Pospielovsky dealing with creation of Rocoranastasios254483
Greek Old Calendrists, ROCOR and World OrthodoxyBasilCan92143
Russian True Orthodox Church?Remie175152
Epístola de Navidad del Metropolitano Hilarión, Primer Jerarca de la ROCORRoberto01557
ROCOR's Bishop Gabriel and Bp. Kallistos Ware serve together...josh203427
ROCOR and OCA, will they join together?Mark of Ephesus333106
The Russian Orthodox Church on EcumenismIrish Hermit30218736
OCA, ROCOR, ROCA???Timos242878
Apostasy of ROCORPravoslav0921021274
Questions about ROCOR and the Russian True Orthodox Churchsimplygermain988651
Letter of Objection from women in ROCORjosh287484
Relations between ROCOR, World Orthodoxy, and the GOCIrish Hermit27123038
Resolutions of the Synod of ROCOR Concerning the Election of the P.M. in 2009Pravoslav0910616667
I'm Confused ROCOR Altar Server232469
Ukrainians in ROCORstarosta141536
All Night Vigil AbbreviationsChtets Ioann3536
ROCOR opens new parish in the Dominican Republic biro1385
Western Rite ROCOR?Eugenio14710599
NC priest to start ROCOR parishbiro2433
ROCOR communion w/ Jerusalem & SerbiaAaron6127681432
Ralston, Nebraska: ROCOR bishop visits parishbiro4256
Lack of ROCOR on OC.net?Sam G14222

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