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Results for altar
Subject Started by Replies Views
The Theotokos in east wall in the altarminasoliman335200
Pictures of 2004 Armenian Easteranastasios132331
icon screensamkim81476
Oh look! We're sharing!Salpy111855
Where are the Tabernacles placed in Oriental Orthodox Churches ?Steve Dennehy265542
12 Bells on Censerstashko375845
Photos - Consecration of chruch in U.K.paul2004233486
Malankar Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc459111
Makeshift AltarsAthanasios122390
The AltarAndreas92230
Who can go into the altar area?Byzantine2008417278
Why did the Roman Church destory their Holy Altars... Where are the Relics?ignatius599558
Should some things done at the altar be kept entirely out of view?Salpy202195
Closing the Iconostasis doors before communion? Eugenio335686
Discussions on the need of Antimens or Antimensionialmisry92978
What is a "Sanctuary"?Eugenio3766
Orthodox Church DesignHandmaidenofGod8711384
TV star Jamie Farr autographs Alter Gospel at Holy Table!ROCORthodox383861
What is this object on the altar called?erracht2819
The structure of the Church and the importance of the AltarDan-Romania12287
flashing lights in churchAlveus Lacuna31203
Altar Facing WestAlveus Lacuna152861
Where do Copts commune?Gorazd51157
OO Altarssamkim276250
No Tabernacle?Rosehip171234
Orthodox AltarsAzurestone232579
Did Jesus/Yeshua, the apostles, or any church fathers use an iconostasis?yeshuaisiam888004
Is an altar necessary?wolf271450
Share your liturgical mishap stories here!trevor7269432025963
The Theotokos in the Armenian ChurchVolnutt41170
Can you build wooden altar for outdoors worship? WPM401718
Lords Name in Armenian "EH" need confirmation raffisx291372
Minor OO-related questionsAlpo472931

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