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Results for Christology
Subject Started by Replies Views
Nestorian ChristologyLinus7143995
Humanity of Christ: did (does) He look like His mother?Heorhij21316424
Christ became Man?Heorhij675991
Romans 8:3Heorhij232219
What body of Christ was glorified?Heorhij292808
After the Incarnation, is Christ God-Man forever, or merely before the AscensionHeorhij21012
Trouble Finding Inspiration in the Old Testament?raskolnikov151668
The Hypostasis of Christ's Humanitypathofsolitude394617
33 yearsMyrrh234956
impecability of christnathan121481
The divinity of Christ in His crucifixionMatthew777264626
Is Jesus God or is God Jesus?Irenaeus07232562
Christology of the Armenian Apostolic ChurchSerge122982
Oriental Orthodoxy vs MonophysitesByzantineChristian12121550
Question for Oriental Orthodox on beliefsJawaMan297315
Joint Declaration on Christology?Papist41370
Studying the Letters of St. Severusminasoliman102447
Syrian and Indian Orthodox Christians on the ACE?minasoliman143035
Orthodox Christology in the TheotokiasEkhristosAnesti41377
How do the Orthodox respond to, "God is NOT a man," in the Old TestamentIrenaeus07223523
Hebrews 2:10 & 5:8AntoniousNikolas2986
Is Christ as man limited in space?Heorhij495416
Does Chalcedon Contradict Ephesus?holdencaulfield132246
Eastern Orthodox Orthodoxy?Ghazaros1681
Begotten not madepeterfarrington101847
Christ's Knowledge of SelfSamB111729
Is God a Trinity?TomS91709
Christology: Christ's Voluntary Participation in Human Experience.EkhristosAnesti21018
Does God have emotions?St. Christopher322625
Theological Differences Between Assyro-Chaldean and Greek Catholicsronyodish9428323
The Tao = The Logos = Christ?Marc1152635534
The Incarnate Christ in the Old TestamentAcolyte333447
Was Christ a Bishop to His Disciples?serb1389373793
Increase In Wisdom and FavorSlave of Christ82551
Miaphysite vs monphysitescamandrius123157
Jesus Was In All Points Tempted Like As We Are?Slave of Christ62750
Sufferings of GodSlave of Christ111061
Synoptics' Christologyjosh1389651
Jesus - The Son of God, what does this title really mean???Irenaeus07297412
Dogmatic Musings of Demetrios G.Demetrios G.20416227
Will God take us to task regarding heretical beliefs???Irenaeus07121573
Christ's knowledgedeusveritasest61130
"Divine Person, rather than a Human Person"deusveritasest222136
The Pre-Incarnate Christ - Heresy?Irish Hermit534431
Theology of Ambrose of Milandeusveritasest3646
Meaning of "Oriental Orthodox"deusveritasest101223
The Humanity of ChristOrtho_cat724696
Christology: The body of Christminasoliman121545
Christ: Adam Kadmon?Pilgrim51503
The Word of GodGebre Menfes Kidus191504
Questions about the Incarnationthree galloping dogs191176
The Assyrian Church of the East Matthew77787563661
Christological issuesGammaRay663835
One willSalpy467251
Book published by Father Peter Farringtonpeterfarrington71830
Sources for Oriental Orthodox StudiesCoptoGeek9013202
Borrowing flesh from the Theotokos?scamandrius16873
Is Christ still flesh?scamandrius231125
Infallibility of Christmike9656
Was Jesus Omniscient?88Devin121427426
Divinity of ChristTrevorthodox331763
Did Jesus the God die on the cross?WUnland232996
Jesus never calls Himself Son of God. Why?ipm151132
Nestorian-Arian DilemmaOtherguyLB312239
Did Christ have a soul?Apples271478
Saint Eustathius of Antioch's Christology, Semi-Nestorian?Severian13943
Jesus tempted by Satan: How would Miaphysites see this?ilyazhito102967
Question about Christ's sufferingVolnutt492287
Did Christ's Divine Nature Die?Alveus Lacuna251967
Is Christ's Human Nature Created?Alveus Lacuna321351
OO and EO difference (hurdles to Reunification)prodromas28830025
St. Athanasius and a "Union of Persons" in Christ?Severian192007
Post Severian Anti-Chalcedoniansminasoliman1919030
question about ApollinarianismAveChriste115982
Did Christ Have the Ability to Sin?Alveus Lacuna885171
‘Syriac Dialogue’ – An Example from the PastCoptoGeek0243
Christ and illnessSalpy351065
Divine Person vs. Divine/Human PersonTwenty Nine111114
Natural Human Processes Within the Body of ChristSeverian15773
Eutyches and his reception at the Council of Ephesuspeterfarrington11634
of one essence with the Fatherantonioswang3254
Does Christ have one essence?ialmisry26722
Does divinity of Christ suffered?antonioswang9540
Theophany: What happened?NicholasMyra0104

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