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Results for intercession
Subject Started by Replies Views
Sitka Icon Miracle!Orthodoc61897
Mediator - Maryprayingserb264990
Questions about Theotokosthornygrace111549
Christ and Mary (re: Archimandrite Vassilios Bakoyannis book)KATHXOYMENOC71249
Intercessory Prayer at the Liturgypeterfarrington41129
Praying to the SaintsTomS133073
Saints and PrayerSir Sundae82033
Mary Filters & Channels All PrayersOrthodoc467946
Arguments against Orthodoxy, please disprove!benbriggs427142
Early Church Writings that Support Orthodoxy?benbriggs81979
What is the biblical basis of Saints having the ability to hear our prayers???Irenaeus07234721
How can the saints hear all of us?benbriggs244424
Mary, the Saints, and IconsHank254171
Praying to the TheotokosKonstantinos1675
Is it right to seek the advice, help and guidance from the Theotokos?Jibrail Almuhajir535870
Intercessions of the SaintsCDHealy21432
Prayer to Saints: Epistemic BarrierCudgel223775
Orthodox view on life after deathOrtho_cat11124
Praying to the Saints.Christianus12210874
the choice to whom to pray-believer745684
Praying to Non-Orthodox/Non-Christian DeceasedGregoryLA8918
praying to Marynrse141206
First Century Icons and Prayers to SaintsGregoryLA91466
An article I wrote regarding the veneration of the SaintsMister Jim Dude3421
The Jesus Prayer Altar Server3448
Praying to Patron Saintschaplain7692182
is it ok to ask for the intercession of people not declared saints?Jason.Wike211228
Do Orthodox celebrate Liturgies or say Jesus Prayer on behalf of others?prophetessanna81705
Earliest Primary Sources Containing Prayers to the Virgin Mary?Alveus Lacuna112134

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