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Results for confession
Subject Started by Replies Views
Confession in Oriental OrthodoxyGhazaros53376
How is Orthodox Confession different in approach from Roman Catholic Confession?StGeorge234866
Regular confessionzebu141815
Auricular Confessionfalafel333232907
How does Confession work in OrthodoxySeanMc62641
protestant idea of repentencestgregorynazianzen141857
Baptism and confessionTruth_or_Bust101503
Sacrosanctity of Orthodox confessions and confessorsscamandrius477700
Re: Confessionprodromas15215745
Orthodox-Catholic Confessionlubeltri649702
Confession and AbsolutionMyrrh2351273
Communion, Confession, ConfusionTwenty Nine517123
Before full conversion confessionMyrrh2331562
My first confessionprodromas51322
Seal of the confessionalSchultz274217
Past sinscatechumen07183809
Child's First ConfessionTinaG62323
Sacrament of PenanceBrigid of Kildare142878
Clergy Reception of CommunionTwenty Nine91564
Mystery of Repentance/ConfessionHypo-Ortho21045
Amsesia and Sinprodromas2602
Question on Vespers and Confession in the GOAsinjinsmythe355527
Mortal sins, venial sins, and Orthodox confessionCassiel913336
Attendance at Vigil Required for Communion?MarkosC789248
Can EO confess to an OO priest?NorthernPines91702
Malankara Syriac liturgyzebu0733
Why Confess to someone besides a Priest?SolEX0171241
Confession <--> EucharistJohnC181589
Confession, tick the boxesJohnC252306
confession etiquettezebu51001
Confession vs. Private Repentance HelloIAmNate121429
Age For ConfessionSlave of Christ244119
Egypt's Coptic pope bans phone confessions stashko183056
Confession... when did it start as a church practice?ignatius445270
Do We Need to Confess Even Petty Little Sins?Demetrios G.666507
Vatican secret confession tribunal opens upstashko172312
Decline in confession, but no decline in Eucharist receiversscamandrius17614227
Life hazard situationmike999134
Returning to Orthodoxy from Eastern CatholicismEconoman254741
The orthodox therapistt0m_dR0809
So what happens in Confession?truthstalker483301
Common confession?scamandrius4895
Confession infomercialChristusDominus1485
Catholic confession is not therapy, Vatican warnsJetavan232513
To whom does a priest confess?simplygermain172767
Confessing Sinsmctaviix6659
Question to Ethiopians abot Holy ConfessionHeorhij91210
Orthodox Confessionignatius102085
first confession is coming up.....a bit nervose.....trevor72694172706
confession over the internet?trevor72694122360
Confessor \ Priest confidentiallityChacci202194
Priests and AbsolutionKuriakose241382
Confession to Deacon?kansas city61106
confession....a "clean slate"?trevor726948700
how big is this sin?/marinajoannou251261
Confession in the Orthodox ChurchJamesRottnek382271
how often to confess...trevor72694221323
Holy Confession and God's ForgivenessScott14831
Does your priest give penances?David Leon8565
OCA vs. ROCORtrevor7269412011260
what is confession supposed to be like?Bob L.241660
Prayer in absence of Confessionbiro4475
Confession and John 20:21-23Azurestone362559
Questions about Confessionstavros_3887494
Is there a laxity for those who are mentally ill and can't confess/repent?J. Maria52721
General ConfessionJimCBrooklyn7900
Father Confessor Altar Server6588
The "scandal" of Confession?Volnutt211400
Confession in the Armenian ChurchSeverian283835
Ireland attacks confessional privilege after scandalRobb0225
Goodbye to Catholic Ireland-Priests will to go to jail rather than break the...Robb111130
The confessions of a really bad sinnerPoppy954440
Confession: Armenian vs. CopticAnastasia12468
Valid chrismation?Tgebar21610
Spiritual Father vs. Confessor vs. Regular Old PriestOrthoNoob231515
Sin and Confession.ConfusedRC16622
Going to confession for the sole purpose of recieving absolutionGTAsoldier3359
why is confessing to a priest so mandatory?tweety2344467
First confession?Deborah3449
Liturgical Prayers of AbsolutionMor Ephrem13882
Unconfessed SinsSlave of Christ29759
Still Learning About ConfessionDionysius5212
Confession + prayers?icecreamsandwich13277
Question About ConfessionThePapist23478
Confession for Everything - My life sucksAmatorus25529

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