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Subject Started by Replies Views
Armenian calendar bookSalpy1907
'The Syrian Orthodox Church Calendar'daniel_reji121687
Bible readings according to the liturgical calendarSalpy103273
Happy New YearIS21110
Date of Christmasyitbsal1760
What Calendar?Athanasios143082
Happy 1724 :-)minasoliman294671
Christmas on 7th or 8th?Jonathan21297
coptic calendardemetrios31328
My stand on Old Calendarists in or not in union with New Calendaristsanastasios285204
Ethiopian Milleniumhedley51456
Fasting of Ninevehpaul20042412844
How is the date of Pascha calculated?serb138971581
OO's Eastersminasoliman4908
Are there any Traditionalist Oriental Orthodox Groups?OrthodoxSitkan102309
Coptic Calendarnstanosheck32131
Happy Nayrouz (Coptic New Year)EkhristosAnesti163373
Coptic Calendar and Liturgies (in Britain)Remie51603
Malankar Orthodox ChurchOrthodoc458694
Holy Qurbono in Malankara Syrian Orthodox Churches on Holy Friday 2005daniel_reji0940
Pascha Datepaul20042958
Old calenderist questionprodromas479161
The status of ROAC, etc., according to the OrthodoxSerge719096
Julian: when 14?anastasios1696
Old vs. New Calendar?boilerguy2440202974
Holy Apostles Covenant and the Old Calendarist MovementMatthew777668109
Question About the Church CalendarBTRAKAS2779
Armenian Church CalendarSalpy63018
Nativity Advent calenderQuinault21181
Christmas Celebrationmarlo7954
Online OCA Calendar?Elisha62569
Another Calendar ObservationKeble0666
What is up with the Calendartruthstalker3753
Date of PaschaAngloCatholic404170
Feast day of Cyril of Alexandriadeusveritasest51013
Old Calendarist Churches ,"World Orthodoxy", and Maximos the ConfessorPravoslavbob14223006
OO Views of EvolutionGebre Menfes Kidus505488
BOC considers retuturning to the Julian Calendarmike949597
What calendar does the Coptic and ETOC use?simplygermain92138
OO Calendar with Fasting Schedule?Gebre Menfes Kidus194251
2010 Orthodox CalendarsAlveus Lacuna4996
OO calendar issuesdeusveritasest101194
Lectionary on Old and New CalendarsAlveus Lacuna125697
Old Calendar Armenian Christmas (Jan. 19) celebrated in Hollywood, CASalpy113020
Dating of the NativityGhazaros32176
Formula for Easter DateAthanasios81682
Happy new year, in the Oldest Christian Calendarhailemaryam10915
Calendar questionmike17953

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